Robot Rescue is a very unknown Robotboy flash game that once appeared on Cartoon Network's website. It's an action game, and the sequel to Tommy Takeaway.

Most of the information written here and the title screen from the Polish version were found on a Polish Cartoon Network Wikia, as no more information could be found. The pictures in this page were found in online game sites that contained the game, but it doesn't work on those sites anymore.


Robot Rescue's plot takes place several weeks after the events that took place in Tommy Takeaway. One day in The Bay Area, Tommy and Lola disappear without a trace. Robotboy suspects the kidnapper is Dr. Kamikazi, who wanted to revenge him. Robotboy then goes out to rescue his friends.


The player's task is to help Robotboy to get inside the volcano of Kaziland and save Tommy and Lola from the clutches of Kamikazi. The player controls Robotboy with the mouse. The left mouse button causes either a fist attack (Activated mode) or shooting (Super-active mode). Space-bar makes Robotboy do a back-flip and helps him dodge obstacles, similarly to jumping in a platform game. Along the way, collect three batteries located on the levels so that Robotboy will Super-activate. In the game there are five levels. When you reach the final level without losing, you'll have to fight and defeat Dr. Kamikazi, and if you do, Tommy and Lola will be free, and the player will win the game.


  • Mouse - Movement
  • Left mouse button - Attack
  • Space - Backflip



Main Characters

Bosses (In order)


  • The continuous tracks from War and Pieces (Levels 1 and 5)
  • The helicopters from Sweet Revenge (Level 1)
  • Frogmen with jets (Levels 2 & 4)
  • Frogmen with jetskis (Level 2)
  • Kazi-Yetis snowboarding on pipes (Level 3)
  • Kazi-Yetis on small planes (Levels 3 and 4)
  • Attack Drones (Levels 4 and 5)


  • The Kazi-Yetis snowboarding on pipes from level 3 fire purple lasers the same way they did in War and Pieces.



Robotboy - Robot Rescue Playthrough

Robotboy - Robot Rescue Playthrough