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Robotboy's Superactive Mode


Capable to speak with:

Robotboy's Superactive Mode. From deactivation to activation, Robotboy also has a third and last mode known as super activation. Throughout the series of episodes, Robotboy transforms into this mode during battle, normally when it seems that he had enough in combat and is ready to take on super activation mode. He also tends to super activate when Tommy is in danger, along with his other two friends, Lola and Gus. In this form Robotboy is almost unstoppable in combat.

Robotboy is much more taller in height when he transforms, nearly twice or three times the size of Tommy ad numerous when he's back to regular mode. While he's super activated, he is able to use much more weapons. Such as miniature yet deadly missiles, blades, all in which he doesn't have when he's normally activated. Robotboy in appearance changes. Such as his regular base color, which is just a medium silver, and darker hands, feet, and taller blue ears. His face almost has a mask, with a red outlining, and instead of his eyes being blue, they're a dark red as well. In some episodes, they even release steam.

Robotboy is a formidable fighter in this stage, nearly winning in almost every war he is in in this mode. He tends to look emotionless while he's super activated, and he is unable to speak. However, he can express some looks - such as happy ones and smiles, though those are rare in seen in only a few episodes, such as "Science Fear", or "I Want That Toy". He even releases a single tear in "Crying Time".

Just like in Activated mode, Superactivated Robotboy is able to survive and move without his head. In "Kurt's Father", he had detached it to put on the inactive body of one of his duplicates to fool Special Agent before he tossed it to the ground and reattached his head. In "Bambi-Bot", his head was trapped in a energy pom-pom. When Bambi-Bot threatened to kill Tommy, Robotboy activated a self-destruct sequence to explode his own head to rid of the pom-pom. He regrew another one and destroyed the cheer-bots and Bambi-Bot, saving Tommy. And lastly, in "Brother Bjorn", when Bjorn Bjornson told a Superactivated Robotboy and Superactivated Bjornbot to take a five minute break for battery replacement, both took off their heads and threw them to the ground, where they exploded, and then regrew new ones.


Super Strength

  • Robotboy is much more stronger in Superactive Mode.


  • Robotboy is still capable flying while in Superactive Mode but can also fly so much faster than his active/normal mode.


  • Robotboy can fire missiles at any sight.


  • Robotboy can fire various lasers which come in different colours.


  • Robotboy can use flamethrower to project fire.

Saw Hands

  • Robotboy can switch hands into saw blades.

Energy Blasts

  • Robotboy can fire energy blasts from the holes in his hands.

One Time Powers/Weapons

Shoulder Blaster (War and Pieces)

Light Vision (Metal Monster)

Waist Missiles (Underwater)

Twin Foot Rocket Blasters (Kamikazi Nightmare)

Foot Energy Blaster (Crying Time)

Roller Blades (Robotman)

Record Player (Kindergarten Kaos)

Drill Ears (Up a Tree)

Knuckle Blades (Up a Tree)


  • The music that plays when Robotboy superactivates resembles The Powerpuff Girls opening theme.
  • Exclusively in the French dub, Robotboy can talk in this mode. However, his voice is the same as his voice in his normal mode.The episodes Robotboy speaks in Superactivated mode are Double Tommy and Robotgirl.
Superactivated Robotboy speaking (French Dub)01:23

Superactivated Robotboy speaking (French Dub)

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