Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM

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Single Player
Windows (98 or higher), Mac OS X (10.3 or higher)
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Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM is a rare promotional disc released in the UK and Spain by Cartoon Network in 2005 and 2006, containing exclusive material related to Robotboy. The disc contains character profiles, two wallpapers, four video clips from the series, the Tommy Takeaway flash game (Originally exclusive to the disc until Cartoon Network uploaded it to their site) and an article explaining the series' backstory.


  • The music that plays in the disc's main menu is an extended, quieter version of the Tommy Takeaway title screen theme, which includes a small brass section that was cut in the Tommy Takeaway version.
  • It was developed in Macromedia Flash Player 7.
  • Clicking on Robotboy in the main menu will make him fly across Tommy's room.
  • In the character profiles, Lola is shown with pink lips.
  • This story in the disc confirms Professor Moshimo's Japanese culture.


The Spanish version

In late 2006 Cartoon Network also gave out another version of this CD-ROM for Spanish speaking countries and most in particular Spain. This CD-ROM has a different lay-out and has less features than the original English edition.


  • This version is mostly based on the old Robotboy Cartoon Network UK site, except the "Go to the shop" button.
  • There is no music playing in the menu. The CD-ROM is silent, except for the game Tommy Takeaway.
  • The menu is not in Tommy's Bedroom with Robotboy and Tommy, but in the Streets of The Bay Area with Robotboy protecting a anxiously looking Tommy and Gus.
  • If you click on the trio, Robotboy will super-activate and shoot lasers while blasting off. Tommy and Gus will run of screen and later come back. Note: The pictures of them both only move off-screen, they are not actually running (so their legs keep frozen). Robotboy will rejoin them when they run back in the screen.
  • Just like in the English edition you can download two wallpapers. These are two different wallpapers than the ones available on the English one.
  • The character profiles are small and appear in the menu itself. The character profiles for Donnie, Deb and Dwight, Jebediah and Hester and Professor Moshimo are not present. Only Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, Gus, Kamikazi and Constantine are having a character profile.
  • Instead of four videos, the Spanish edition only got three. These three are also three different videos than on the English edition. The clips are from: War and pieces, Kamikazi Nightmare and Christmas Evil.
  • Despite the fact that the Spanish edition came out a year later than the English edition, the old logo of Cartoon Network is used in the Tommy Takeaway menu.
  • The game itself is a lot slower, unlike the original CD-ROM and micro-site versions. The rockets and frogmen are moving very slow, making the game easier to defeat.