Robotboy - Action Figure

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Action Figure
30 centimeter
15 centimeter
Collectors Item
Created by
Cartoon Network
Made in
Suitable For
Ages 3 and up

The Robotboy Action Figure is a very rare action figure doll of Robotboy in his normal, 2nd mode. The action figure was released in the UK by Cartoon Network in 2007. It is unknown how many there were produced. This action figure was not for sale and could only be owned exclusively when people won it as a prize in the Robotboy and the Island of Doom competition.


The Action Figure comes in a cardboard box with on every side some pictures. On the left side of the box we see a flying Robotboy with Tommy, Lola and Gus. On the backside we see Robotboy in his normal mode, in his Superactive mode and Dr. Kamikazi with Constantine. On the right side we see Tommy with a deactivated Robotboy in his backpack, a flying Robotboy and the story of the series.

On top of the box there is a picture of Robotboy in his superactive mode and the logo of the series. On the bottom of the box is the logo of Cartoon Network and product information.

The Action Figure

The action-figure is a plastic doll of Robotboy in his normal (2nd) mode. It can stand up. It isn't very detailed, but it shows how Robotboy looks.

Story on the box

This is the story about the series that can be found on the right side of the box:

Robotboy was built to battle. Created by Professor Moshimo, Robotboy can superactivate into a fighting machine that can lay the smack down on entire armies! Which is great and everything, but all Robotboy truly wants is to be a real boy.

It won't be easy for Robotboy, especially because evil genius Dr. Kamikazi will stop at nothing to harness his robot abilities to enslave the world. So Moshimo sends Robotboy to stay with his number one fan, Tommy Turnbull. Now it is up to Tommy and his pals, Gus and Lola, to keep Robotboy safe from danger and show him first-hand what being a kid is all about.