Robotboy Original Soundtrack


Release Date
January 1, 2005
Soundtracks/Television Soundtracks, Urban

Robotboy Original Soundtrack is a single that only contains one song which is the instrumental version of the shows main intro/theme song. It is composed by the shows composer Hans Helewaut. The single is only available as a MP3 format to buy and download online.

Album Cover

On the album cover appears a greenish metallic hall similar from the episode "Crying Time", with the logo of the show and under it appears a Superactivated Robotboy flying towards along with Tommy, Gus and Lola under him also with the excluding texts saying: Original Soundtrack Hans Helewaut.


  • There is another album picture of the single that is written with French words instead of English stating: Robotboy (Générique de la série), but the song remains the same.
  • The song is available to buy and download at both Amazon and iTunes, plus can also be heard online on Spotify.


Click HERE to buy the theme song at Amazon.

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