Robotboy and the Island of Doom


Norm Konyu, Matt West
Norm Konyu
Cartoon Network (UK)

Robotboy and the Island of Doom is a large and ambitious competition created in 2006 for Cartoon Network UK.


Over five days, Tommy and Lola would be tortured by Robotboy's arch nemesis, Dr. Kamikazi. Each day, kids could phone in live to Gus, who stationed alone at Robotboy HQ, could help rescue them, the kids could play games as Robotboy, either a flying game, similar to Tommy Takeaway where the player has to avoid icebergs while flying, or a maze game where the player has to reach the exit. If the player wins one of those games, he gets one of the prizes listed below.

Gus was controlled live with the Kaydara system, allowing some basic on the fly acting and lip sync. Also, Constantine would show up, telling the kids what Kamikazi is about to do. As it was, at the end of each day, Constantine managed to accidentally foil Kamikazi's plot. On the Friday, Robotboy himself would save the day.

List of Prizes

  • A Robotboy prize pack that includes a giant Robotboy figure, a poster with official artwork of the show and a Robotboy-themed pen.
  • A toy robot called "Robosapien V2"
  • A toy dinosaur-like robot called "Roboraptor".
  • A toy robot called "Robopet".
  • Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)



  • In 2013, Norm Konyu, the animator and director of the competition uploaded truncated versions of the of the five tortures to Vimeo, without the sound effects and voices, but with completely new custom music.

External Links

The truncated tortures:


Robotboy - Island of Doom live competition Day 1 with Gus and Constantine21:06

Robotboy - Island of Doom live competition Day 1 with Gus and Constantine

Robotboy and the Island of Doom (CN UK)01:53

Robotboy and the Island of Doom (CN UK)

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