Robotgirl's Activation Device


Episode Appearance
Lola Mbola (presumably)
Main purpose
To control and keeping eyes on Robotgirl
Created/Invented by

Robotgirl's Activation Device is the main device to control Robotgirl where it is used to activate or deactivate her as well as other features included.


Very little is known to this device but it's pretty much similar to Robotboy's Activation Device where it's main purpose is to control and keeping eyes on Robotgirl. It is used to activate and deactivate Robotgirl whenever somebody need her help or deactivate in case she's overreacting of destruction. The only button we're able to find is on top of it where you press it to activate/deactivate her.


The device is able to activate and deactivate Robotgirl much like the watch for Robotboy. There could be some other features used in it but it has hasn't been revealed yet for what more it can do.


Unlike the watch for Robotboy, the design for Robotgirl's activation device is more shaped like a heart of love with a necklace which indicates that it is intended to be holding from the neck instead of the arm.


  • So far only Tommy and Gus has pressed the button to activate/deactivate Robotgirl.
  • On the episode "Robot Girl" there was no true activation device for Robotgirl yet, the only thing that activated Robotgirl was using an ordinary remote control for her with a round button (which by the way Miumiu and Constantine pressed).
  • There's possibility that the device was intended for Lola with the design of the heart and the color intended for her personality, thus maybe even made for her and Robotgirl might have been her friend for real.

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