I think Protoboy will always needs an upgrades and must need some upgrades for his super activated mode and even his arm cannon can be transform into a gauntlet.

Robotgirl's Superactive Mode


Capable to speak with:
No (presumably)

Robotgirl's Superactive Mode. Much like Robotboy, Robotgirl has her own Superactivation mode used whenever bigger troubles appear and preparing this mode for more berserk battles or moments.


  • Super Strength
  • Laser Beam


  • There are a few differences from her Superactivated form to Robotboy's Superactivated form. Examples are: She doesn't have long ears striking out, only one stripe on her face where her eyes are inside, speaking of eyes they appear only with two sides resembling like a human eyes and she seems not to have a mouth like Robotboy does in his Superactivated form.
  • Like Robotboy, Robotgirl doesn't speak while in Superactivated mode. Although so far she hasn't and it is unknown if she's able to.
  • Robotgirl's Superactivated form made a cameo appearance in the episode Bad Language.


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