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Robotman is an adult version of Robotboy, however he is stubborn and considers Robotboy obsolete when he is built. Robotman is quick to anger and annoyance, as shown when Tommy is more focused on Robotboy than Robotman, as well as when Professor Moshimo tries to deactivate him. He is also uncaring, as he refuses to save Gus and Lola when they fall off of him when he is flying. He appears to be one of those people who makes decisions for the people around him, as shown when he takes a disliking to Gus, states that Tommy requires desirable companions and throws Gus into a dumpster.



Robotman hates Robotboy with everything he has, stating that Robotboy is obsolete when he comes around. He tells Robotboy go leave Tommy forever and later becomes obsessed with destroying him when he returns. Their battle ends up with Robotboy winning against him.

Professor Moshimo:

The Professor is Robotman's creator. The two are not shown with much interaction, however Robotman becomes angry when Moshimo tries to deactivate him.


At the beginning he seems very generous to show off his abilities towards Tommy and his friends. But later for unknown reason Robotman shows to be like an annoying father towards Tommy, getting on him for the things he does.

Gus and Lola:

Robotman seems to be thoroughly annoyed by Gus, and has even gone so far as to throw him in a dumpster. He does not appear to mind Lola, although he refuses to save her, along with Gus, when they fall off him while they are searching for Robotboy.


Robotman appeared in the episode Robotman. Professor Moshimo built him as to be superior to any other robot he had ever built, and sent him to Tommy since he was most likely not safe with him. However, Robotman proves to be better than Robotboy, then dismisses him. Later, he starts to get on Tommy's nerves and then he throws Gus in a dumpster. After revealing that he was the reason they hadn't seen Robotboy in a while, Tommy, Lola and Gus go looking for him. Robotman gets annoyed by their efforts and refuses to keep looking, then refuses to save Gus and Lola when they fall off of him, however he seemed completely fine with saving Tommy when he jumps off of him. Later, when the Professor tried to deactivate him, he gets angry and becomes obsessed with destroying Robotboy. But Robotman falls into a car crusher, then smashed into a metallic block. His batteries fall out and he is deactivated.

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor/Actress
Swedish Peter Sjöquist

Notes & Trivia

  • Robotman's voice sounds like the action-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger especially from the movie The Terminator, however it appears that Arnold did not voice him. It is unknown for the moment who made the voice of him but it could have possibly been Rupert Degas by using impression.
  • His first and only appearance was on his titular episode Robotman.
  • Unlike Robotboy, Protoboy and Robotgirl, Robotman has a much more enhanced grammar and refer himself as first person rather than third.
  • He is also one of the few characters who has called Gus, "Goose".
  • Robotman was so far the only robot by Moshimo to have the "Self-Activation" ability (the ability to activate himself whenever he wanted to), after the showdown between him and Robotboy it is possible that Moshimo made the decision to never create that ability to another robot again.
  • Robotman's voice also resembles that of Rainier Wolfcastle from The Simpsons, judging by the way he talks and walks.
  • Robotman's Superactivate Mode share some similar appearances to Robotboy's Superactivated Mode.
  • Like Protoboy, Robotman can speak while in Super-activated mode.