Robotman's Activation Watch/Device is the main device to control Robotman where Tommy uses it to activate him or deactivate and some other features as well.


Very little is known to this device but it is similar to Robotboy's Activation Watch where it is the source of controlling and keeping eyes on Robotman. It is used to activate and deactivate Robotman whenever Tommy needs his help or accompany with him.


Like Robotboy's Activation Watch the device is able to activate and deactivate Robotman whenever Tommy knows when he needs him in a certain situation.


Again very little is known to this device but it was first seen on the scene where Tommy receives Robotman from Moshimo and after they've opened him Tommy also opens up a metallic box where the watch is inside. It has been used maybe twice by Tommy when activating and deactivating Robotman. But not much of it has been mentioned afterwards after Robotboy and the gang finds out that Robotman has a "Self-Activation" ability programmed. It is unknown if Tommy brought it back to Moshimo after the fate of Robotman.


It appears with red color on it's main body with 6 little blade-looking spikes resembling the way of Robotman's Superactive Mode. It also have 3 buttons and a little screen on top of them.


  • So far this device has been used by Tommy by activating Robotman. It is unknown if he has used it to deactivate him at night since Robotman didn't tell anyone about his "Self-activation" ability.