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Don't you get it?! No one needs you anymore! You've been replaced! - Robotman
"Robotman" is the 27th episode of the series and the 1st(a) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


In this episode when Tommy and the gang were watching Mortal Kombot they get to see an exclusive sneak peek at Professor Moshimo's newest invention: Robotman. He got sent to Tommy to take care of him along with Robotboy only that Robotman shows his power to surpass the caring for Robotboy.



Robotman: You have been replaced! Robotboy: No! Tommy need me! Robotman: *flies at him* Don't you get it?! No one needs you anymore! You've been replaced!


  • The first and only appearance of Robotman.
  • When Robotboy flies back to Tommy, Lola and Gus to give them ice-cream, only his head is drawn. The rest of his body is missing and replaced with a flying effect.
  • Mortal Kombot is a parody/pun on the fighting game Mortal Kombat.
  • Genghis Can is a pun on the Pokémon Kangaskhan, which is itself a pun on "Genghis Khan", the founder and Emperor of the Mongol Empire
  • How they got the box that held Robotman inside the house is a mystery since it looked way too big to fit through the door.
  • Robotman was first activated with a watch, similar to how Robotboy is activated, but it was only used once (maybe twice at bedtime). It's never seen or used again since then. Moshimo uses a remote to later try and deactivate him, even though Tommy could have tried to use the watch to do so.
  • Robotman's claws coming from his knuckles is a reference to Marvel's Wolverine.
  • Robotman doesn't have a deactivated mode.
  • Tommy is shown that he's capable of overriding a robot's systems by hacking into their control panel, which is what he tried to do before Robotman activated his self-defense.
  • Robotboy looked disappointed when Robotman lifted Tommy's house, outshining him lifting two cars. He was disappointed because he wasn't as strong, which isn't true. Robotboy has been shown to be able to lift submarines and cruise ships before, both of which weight a lot more than a house.
  • Robotboy's Superactivated mode has roller-blades, which is seen for the first and last time in this episode where he uses them twice.
  • Robotoy in SA mode is 7-7.5 feet tall (counting his ears). Robotman's SA mode is a lot bigger, presumably around 10-12 feet, which makes Robotman appear even more superior.
  • Goof: It could be the perspective, but when SA Ro is flying at Robotman from behind to trip him, his ears look shorter, wider, and not curved as they appear in his Activated mode.

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