Romcroft is a secret agent and the boss of many secret agents including Special Agent.

He is a bald guy with a conical shaped head and a beard. He wears a purple tie and black suit. He is not as tall as the other agents.

He is also very strict and doesn't believe that Robotboy exists and warns Special Agent to stop trying to convince him that Robotboy is real.


  • His only big appearance was in The Manchurian Robot. Throughout the series he only makes little cameo's where he can be seen in public.
  • In his last appearance in Knockoffs he didn't wear his sunglasses. This is strange because he said that secret agents always have to wear their sunglasses in The Manchurian Robot. Although it could possibly be an exception since they were inside their secret base where they don't have to be so anonymous.
  • It was revealed by Romcroft that Special Agent used to work at a "cappuccino cafe".