"Roughing It" is the 14th episode of the series and the 7th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


While taken care of stopping another of Dr. Kamikazi's plans, the gang get stranded in a forest with Robotboy's power running low. With no way to get home, they will have to survive somehow. And it surely is no camping trip.





  • Goof: When Dr. Kamikazi attacks Robotboy, Tommy, Lola and Gus in his Zeppelin, he fires electric-bombs. To protect the children, Robotboy use his right-arm to activate a shield. With his left-arm he holds Lola, while Gus sits on his back. The goof is that he held Tommy with his right-arm but when he defends himself and the kids, he let go of Tommy, and Tommy doesn't grab his legs but floats in the air basically.
  • Goof: When Ro is carrying Tommy, Lola, and Gus home, the arm that's holding Lola is skin-colored instead of white, making it look like Tommy is the one holding Lola instead of Ro.
  • The way Gus jumps onto Robotboy shivering, scared of the dark, is similar to the way Scooby-Doo jumps onto Shaggy when scared of monsters or ghosts.
  • Goof: The distance the kids are from the forest and the enhanced animals on the cliff varies from scene to scene.
  • Lighting is able to recharge Robotboy to full power while in other episodes, extreme voltages shut him down or make him immobile.
  • This is the first episode where Super-activated Robotboy smiles. You can see it right after he headbutts the bear that had him pinned down.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De natuur roept Nature calls
French Survie sauvage Wild Survival
German Rauhe Sitten Rough Customs
Hebrew תנאי שטח (Tnay Shetah) Field Condition
Italian Avventura nella foresta Adventure in the forest
Spanish En la naturaleza salvaje In the wild nature


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Robotboy - Roughing it Season 1 HD Full Episodes Robotboy Official

Robotboy - Roughing it Season 1 HD Full Episodes Robotboy Official