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UK Airdate
November 8, 2007
Production code
Directed by
Charlie Bean
Script/Written by
Rick Groel
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Main Villain(s)

"Rowho?" is the 68th episode of the series and the 8th(b) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode, when Robotboy gets dirty Tommy suddenly finds a robot polish from nowhere and uses it to Robotboy but unfortunately it somehow made him lose some of his memories and can't remember anything from his past.




  • There were some confusion to some fans that were questioning: "Since when could Robotboy smell again?" This could be due to seeing the episode "Ooh That Smell" first and then seeing this. Of course before that episode Robotboy could never really smell anything and what he does in this episode he's only mimicking Tommy.
  • Constantine breaks the fourth wall during the last few seconds of the episode.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch RoWie? RoWho?
French Trou de mémoire Blackout
German Wer ist Ro? Who is Ro?
Spanish RoWho? RoWho?


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