Salvatori is a white gerbil and was one of Dr. Kamikazi's pets. He appeared in the episode Teasebots.


Salvatori was a normal little gerbil that was loved and owned by Dr. Kamikazi. When he tried to feet Salvatori, Salvatori bite him accidentally. Therefore Kamikazi got mad at the gerbil and ordered Constantine to kill Salvatori and make gerbil soup of him. Constantine refuses and hides him.


Salvatori before his mutation

When Kamikazi wants to eat the gerbilsoup he discovers that Constantine made a fake gerbilsoup. He disovers that Salvatori is still alive and calls Constantine a big weak crybaby and a soft sentimental piece of trash. This makes Constantine run away in tears with Salvatori. Kamikazi follows them and get's offended by a teasebot. Kamikazi takes Salvatori away from Constantine and turns him into a giant, mutated gerbil with sharp teeth.

Constantine is so happy that Kamikazi didn't kill Salvatori that he runs through wards him and grabs his leg to hug him. Salvatori is also happy with Constantine and approves it. He then fights with the teasebot and almost defeats him, until Robotboy tries to save the teasebot.

Robotboy flies around him, but Salvatori grabs and eats him. Salvatori thought that Robotboy was a seed and spits him out when he realises he isn't a seed (as mentioned by Constantine). He then spits fire to roast the teasebot, but also almost roast Robotboy. Robotboy reflects the fire, making Salavatori set on fire. Salavatori runs around to extinguish the fire, but he falls into the lava of the volcano.

Strange enough he climbs alive and well out off the lava pit, with Constantine still attached to his leg and his hair all gone, making him naked. He then takes a deep breath and breaths Gus in his mouth by accident. Robotboy thinks that Salvatori ate Gus and super-activates to save him. Robotboy slaps Salvatori, making him spit out Gus and then is thrown back in the lava pit again.

While he sits in the lava, he lands next to Kamikazi's 'Panic Room' (the toilet). Kamikazi tells him that he should remember who saved him from the pet shop in the mall. Salvatori doesn't buy it and then angry chases Kamikazi to get his revenge.