Santa Clause


First Appearance
Weapon of choice
Fists, Guns, Farts
Voiced by
St. Nick, Buff Guy, Master, Rank Master
Tommy Turnbull, Robotboy, Elves, Reindeer
Dr. Kamikazi, Gus Turner, Naughty children
Immortal human
Hair color

Santa Claus, is a powerful, immortal, and kindly tolerant man who hates Gus, other naughty children and especially villains.


Santa is often presumed to be fat. In reality, however, he is actually very large and muscular. His body is described as being similar to that of a professional bodybuilder. He has long, white hair and a big white beard. His muscle-massive body size is practically giant and is revealed in his second appearence that his biceps are the size of Gus's entire body width. However, this enormous muscle mass only appears when his shirt is off. When on, he still appears to be rather buff, but also appears to have a bit of a gut.



"Pull my finger!"

Santa is a very tough, friendly, tolerant, accepting, and considerate person, however, like his appearence, his attitude is a bit contrary to belief. Santa is also arrogant, vengeful, narcissistic, and can often be more naughty than nice. A good example of this is his hatred for excessevily naughty kids, like Gus. Just the mention of Gus's name is enough to irritate him. He takes great pleasure in giving bad gifts to naughty children, namely Gus. His favorite is pressing his large buttocks into a box, leaving absolutely no corner uncovered, and laying heavy, powerful, and extremely foul flatulance that is so foul that it ruins the scent of the gift inside forever, and trapping the scent on the unfortunate child who opens his gifts and are stuck with the foul, powerful gas clinging to them for weeks. He has a knowledge of piloting skills and fighting styles.


Santa first appears in Christmas Evil, where he is kidnapped by Kamikazi to rule Christmas. When Tommy saves him, Santa shows more care for his precious holiday than for Robot Boy, and partners up with Tommy to stop Kamikazi. Santa takes off his shirt and shocks Tommy, who witnesses just how large Santa is. Santa displays his great strength by punching through the door keeping them and attacking all of Kamikazi's gaurd dogs. He then takes an airplane and flies it to defeat Kamikazi with Robot Boy.


Santa's massive fart for very naughty children.

Later on Christmas, Tommy's family happily opens their gifts, and everyone is surprised when Robot boy gets one from Santa. It is a leather jacket so that Robot boy wont freeze and deactivate again whenever it gets too cold. When Gus, who devised a devious plan to get a present from Santa, frantically opens it, A large, extremely strong puff of flatulent gas blows out of the box and into his face. The sulfuric compounds lacing the gas sinks deep into the pores of Gus's skin, and when he opens the present, he finds a note from Santa that reads: "Better luck next time, boy!" As Gus runs back to his room to escape the smell, he finds that the stench has trapped itself in his nose, and his parents react horribly to the stink.


The stink cloud that ruined Gus's Christmas break.

It is then revealed in a flashback that Santa had ordered an elf to "Pull [his] finger" while his large and firm buttocks was pushed into a present box. When the elf did as his master said, Santa let out a fart so powerful that it seeped out of the box as the box could not contain all of it. He laughs heartly with his elf and happily tells Gus "Marry Christmas, Gus!" as he goes on to do the same for other turbulantly naughty children.