Screaming Scott is a one-time villain in the episode Gus's Mix.

He is a broad and muscular men with black hair and chest hair and is a wrestling manager which owns his own wrestling stadium.

He must be famous as well, because Gus recognizes him from TV and calls him: Screaming Scott from TV.

He is the wrestling manager from two elderly wrestlers and is in desperate search for something to make his shows more spectacular, because the two wrestlers are to boring to watch and he is losing income. When he drives to town he sees Gus sells energy-drinks that makes a elderly men super strong. He offers Gus a million in cash if he sells the recipe to him. Gus comes with him, but doesn't know the recipe, because he used a secret oil, made by Professor Moshimo that he stole from Tommy.

Because he doesn't know the recipe, Scott gets frustrated and asks his elderly wrestlers to punch the answer out of Gus. But just before they beat him up, Robotboy comes in and beats the wrestlers. Scott uses a bit of the left over energy-drink to make the wrestlers strong and they defeat Robotboy. Then Lola drinks the last bit of oil what is left and turns into a giant, strong freak and defeats the elderly wrestlers.

She makes two holes in Scott's roof and he is not amused by that. But he thinks that his income will grow and that he can afford to fix the holes, because the Elderly Wrestlers are still super strong of the Gus's Mix. But soon they turn back to their old selves and Scott cries because his income is gone. And to make it worse, his wrestling stadium collapses.