"Soothsayer" is the 52nd episode of the series and the 13th(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy.


When Tommy installs a prediction ability to Robotboy, Gus takes advantage of this and uses his new ability to predict things only that he comes to Kamikazi and makes a little game together.




  • When Dr. Kamikazi asks Robotboy to predict the weight of Gus when he is 70 years old, Robotboy says that he can't find the answer because Gus ate too much. This means that Gus will be dead before his 70th birthday due to obesity and potential heart and vascular disease.
  • The name of the Pinja's is basically a portmanteau of Panda and Ninja's.
  • Goof: When one of the Pinja's throws Robotboy across the zeppelin, Tommy's goggles are missing and not on his head when he looks worried at Robotboy. In the next shot when he got surrounded by the Pinja's there back on his head.


  • Tommy: He (Robotboy) can predict the future!
  • Lola: Come on Tommy, even I can predict that Gus would do something stupid.The question is what?
  • Tommy: Nobody can predict what a idiot would do, not even the idiot.
  • Lola: Well, I am not buying it
  • Tommy: What about the screwdriver?
  • Lola: Coincidence!
  • Tommy: I don't think Gus was the only one who got knocked on the head today..
  • Lola: Excuse me?

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Voorspeller Soothsayer
French Le voyant The fortune teller
German Hellseher Soothsayer
Spanish El adivino The fortune teller
Swedish Att kunna spå To foretell


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