"Sweet Revenge" is the 16th episode of the series and the 8th(b) of Season 1 of Robotboy. While Tommy is in hospital, Gus gets to take care of Robotboy in charge. Kamikazi acknowledges it and comes up with an idea to distract Gus. After a candy commercial Gus takes advantage of Robotboy and uses him to break into candy shops to find the candy.


With Tommy in hospital, Gus promises to look after Robotboy until Tommy gets better. When Donnie beats up Gus at the hospital, Gus craves super strength. Kamikazi plays on this and broadcasts a TV commercial offering super strength through a new kind of candy bar... the Kazicrunch!  Naturally, Gus needs little encouragement to seek out this new form of candy and rapidly breaks his promise to Tommy, activating Robotboy to help him in his quest! When Gus finally finds a Kazicrunch bar, he reluctantly shares a piece with Robotboy!  The candy jams up Robotboy’s mechanics and almost instantly deactivates him, allowing Kamikazi to swoop! 


After a terrible accident Tommy is sent together with his family and Gus to the city's hospital to check his injure. When Gus grabs the candy, Robotboy wanted some and ate some. This made him malfunction and into Kamikazi's hands. Gus shoots Kamikazi's hot air balloon down, and Robotboy is cleaned and defeats Kamikazi.


  • Robotboy
  • Tommy
  • Deb Turnbull
  • Dwight Turnbull
  • The Doctor
  • Gus Turner
  • Donnie Turnbull
  • Lola Mbola
  • Dr. Kamikazi
  • Constantine


  • The Doctor: ''So Tommy, tell me how you got those injuries?'' [Donnie snaps a stick] Tommy: ''Uh... I don't remember''.


  • This was the 2nd episode to be produced for the series.
  • This episode became pretty controversial due to the scene with one of the helicopter pilots where it's helmet contains two identical symbols that resembles the emblem/symbol from the New Republic parliamentary from the Star Wars saga. See picture below.
  • Some scenes from this episode are used in a promotional video for the series.
  • Goof: In some scenes where Robotboy is seen fighting, some blue parts of his hands are white instead. This goof also got recycled into one scene in Everybody Loves Grandma.
  • Goof: In the hospital, when Gus is at Tommy's bed, Tommy's arms are white so it looks like he is wearing a white t-shirt with long sleeves. Later his arms are restored in their normal colors.
  • Goof: When Donnie Turnbull hits Gus with a wheelchair, the G on Gus's shirt is missing
  • Goof: Gus leaves Tommy's hospital room with the backpack carrying Ro. But when Donnie runs over him, the backpack is missing.
  • Continuity error: In season 4's "Runaway Robot", Gus says his house doesn't have a TV but in this episode he's watching The Human Fist on one in his room.
  • Goof: When Tommy scolds Lola for interrupting him watching The Human Fist, Lola's irises disappear so just the pupils remain.
  • Goof: There are two that are right after each other: before Ro flies into the air to battle the oncoming frogmen, his left arm is discolored; the white should be blue. Then in the next frame, both arms are discolored and instead of the lower parts of his arms being blue, they're white.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Zoete Wraak Sweet Revenge
French Gus a un petit creux Gus has a small hollow
Hebrew נקמה מתוקה (Nekama Metuka) Sweet Revenge
German Rache ist süß Revenge is sweet
Italian Dolce Vendetta Sweet Revenge
Spanish Dulce Venganza Sweet Revenge
Swedish Ljuvlig hämnd Lovely revenge


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