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The teasebots are a group of small, grey robots who's only occupation is to make silly and insulting jokes. They only appeared in the episode Teasebots.


The teasebots were invented by Dr. Kamikazi to insult Robotboy. He dropped a small army of teasebots in the Bay Area park to make fun of Robotboy. Robotboy who was easily offended quick went in his superactive mode to destroy all the robots. By doing this his batteries ran empty rather quick. When he thought he destroyed all the teasebots, there was still one left. But Robotboy didn't had enough power left to destroy it and deactivated, making it easy for Kamikazi to steal him.

Tommy and Gus took the last of the Teasebots with them to Tommy's bedroom where Tommy changed the jokes who were programmed in the teasebots, so that the teasebot would make fun of Kamikazi instead. The teasebot makes fun of Gus on many occasions and got almost destroyed by him.

They took the last Teasebot to Kaziland, where the teasebot made fun of Dr. Kamikazi. Kamikazi, who was offended, took his pet Salvatori and transformed him into a giant mutant to destroy the Teasebot. The Teasebot (who showed a little bit of fear) continued to make insulting jokes, now to Salvatori. Just as Tommy wants to leave with Robotboy and Gus, Gus makes fun of the Teasebot who is about to get destroyed by Salvatori. When Tommy says that Gus is ungratefull to the Teasebot after he saved Robotboy, Robotboy wants and tries to save the Teasebot who is getting roasted by Salvatori.

After defeating Salvatori, Robotboy, Tommy and Gus go back to home with Moshimo's Hovercar and they take the Teasebot with them. The Teasebot makes a another joke about Robotboy, but Robotboy doesn't care about it an ignores it. Tommy is proud of him that he isn't that easily offended anymore. But when the Teasebot makes fun of Tommy, Tommy gets offended and asks Robotboy to throw the Teasebot in to the ocean, making an end to the jokes.

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