"The Babysitter" is the 38th episode of the series and the 6th(b) of Season 2 of Robotboy. In this episode Tommy, Donnie and Gus gets a babysitter for the night only that she isn't just the babysitter they've waited for.


When Tommy’s mum and dad go away for the weekend, Dr Kamikazi sends around a beautiful Russian assassin babysitter. Donnie takes an instant shine to the blond bombshell and invites her to look round his room. Agent Kalashnikov however seems more interested in Tommy’s room, and in particular, in his toy collection. Agent Kalashnikov karate chops Donnie to the floor and sprays Tommy with pepper spray in a bid to capture Robotboy.  Somehow in his quest for pizza, Gus manages to thwart the blond assassin and rouse Tommy in time to activate Robotboy. Thinking quickly, Agent Kalashnikov kidnaps Tommy to use as ‘Robotboy bait’. With Gus still in search of the pizza, Robotboy is forced to battle the Russian agent and her Octopus-like, jellyfish-firing space ship all on his own! Will Robotboy succeed or will the blonde Russian triumph and win the love of Dr Kamikazi…!


The episode opens on the exterior of Tommy's house and Dwight is yelling for his sons to come downstairs. Tommy appears first as Dwight is picking up his and Deb's luggage. He tells Tommy that his mother is looking for him and Tommy asks if they're leaving at that moment. Dwight replies that they are so they can beat the traffic as he walks past Gus, who was waiting outside the door. Tommy greets Gus and they start talking about the new episode of The Human Fist when Donnie interrupts by throwing a sweaty towel that he rubbed on his armpit at Tommy's head.

Deb appears, calling to Donnie, who thinks he's in trouble and blames Tommy. But Deb just hands him money to use for pizza. Donnie tucks it into his shirt, clearly not having the intention of using the money for that. Deb then addresses Tommy, telling him to mind his brother-who makes a throat cutting motion, signifying that he had plans to torment Tommy once their parents left-until their babysitter, Wendy, arrived. Donnie is horrified because Wendy is only a year older than him and thinks she's a bigger dork than both Tommy and Gus put together. Deb tells him that Wendy has a crush on him, much to Donnie's annoyance and Tommy's and Gus' amusement.

Meanwhile, as Dwight is beeping the car horn and telling Deb to hurry up, Wendy is just coming down the street, listening to her MP3. She's blissfully unaware as she passes by a bush, which suddenly gets eyes and follows her. Wendy is then grabbed by a woman's hand and pulled inside the bush where she's either tied up or knocked out. Agent Kalashnikov then emerges and starts for Tommy's house. She stops and watches as Tommy and Gus wave goodbye to Dwight and Deb as they leave. Agent K takes out her compact mirror, which is a communicator. She calls Dr. Kamikazi, telling him that she's reached her position. Dr. Kamikazi praises her and Agent K begins to flirt with him in front of Constantine, making Dr. Kamikazi look very embarrassed and flustered. As the flirting gets more serious, he frantically pretends that the signal is distorted and quickly hangs up with Agent K.

Back at Tommy's house, Tommy, Gus, and Robotboy are playing a video game. The doorbell rings and Tommy tells Ro to stay in his room while he answers the door. Robotboy happily says, "Okie dokie!" Tommy tells Gus to go with him, but Gus doesn't want to. Tommy says that he'll just cheat, but Gus quickly denies that accusation, saying that Robotboy will cheat if he goes. Robotboy gets mad, saying, "Robotboy no cheat, Gus cheat!" Tommy then has Ro throw Gus out of the room just as Donnie passes by, stepping on Gus. Donnie teases them before he heads downstairs. Once he opens the door, he's very shocked to see the very attractive Agent K standing there instead of Wendy. Agent K walks into the foyer, greeting Donnie, Gus, and Tommy in a perfect American accent, telling them that she's Wendy's cousin, Suzie, and that she was filling in for her because Wendy got the flu. Donnie looks very pleased by this change. In the meantime, Ro was secretly watching from upstairs. He rushes back to Tommy's room.

Back in Tommy's room, Ro is standing in front of the mirror. He mimics "Suzie" by swaying his hips and saying, "Hi. I Wendy cousin." He then picks up some colored pencils and starts drawing on his face. Back downstairs, Agent K asks Tommy about his action figures. Tommy looks unsure of why she's asking, but gets distracted by her beauty. Suddenly, Gus farts and blames it on Tommy. Tommy quickly denies it before Donnie shoves them both away, offering to show Suzie his room. Agent K asks to see both his and Donnie's rooms so she can check to see if Robotboy was in either one of them.

Just then, a storm rolls in, knocking out the power. The front door creaks open, revealing an ominous, shadowy figure. Gus fearfully jumps into Tommy’s arms as Donnie looks afraid and Agent K prepares to fight. However, the figure holds up a lantern, revealing themselves to be Gus’ mother, Hester. She and her husband had arrived to pick up Gus via their horse-drawn carriage. Ester tells her son to come and he obeys, albeit sadly. They leave, shutting the door and putting the foyer into darkness. The power comes back on and Agent K just shrugs.

Tommy returns to his room, surprised to find Ro waiting for him with make-up and hair drawn on his head. Robotboy asks his best friend where he’d been because he was bored. Tommy replies that he doesn’t have time to explain and that he has to deactivate him as he wipes off the colored pencil. Down the hall, Agent K enters Donnie’s room while Donnie is working out. Donnie puts on a show, counting “104, 105…”, in order to impress the babysitter. Agent K then knocks out Donnie with a swift slap to the back of his head before leaving. Tommy calls to her, saying that he’s ready to show her his room.

At the Turner residence, Gus is preparing for bed. His mother tells him that he’s to awaken at 4 am to milk the cow. Gus says, “Yes Mother” before he blows out the candle. Hester leaves and Gus pretends to sleep for a bit then relights the candle saying that he’s not going to miss out on all the pizza and sneaks out. Back at the Turnbull residence, Tommy is showing Agent K, who looks very bored and uninterested, his toy collection. Agent K notices a deactivated Robotboy on one of the shelves above Tommy’s bed and asks to hold him. Tommy quickly takes him down, saying that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Agent K, trying to keep her cover, tells him not to be a baby. Tommy, realizing something is up, firmly tells her no again.

Agent K then stands up, suddenly looking deadly serious and demands for Tommy to give her Robotboy, revealing her Russian accent and true intent of being in his house. She then grabs the sleeping gas canister strapped to her thigh and sprays it, knocking Tommy out with it. She then grabs Ro, claiming that Dr. Kamikazi will be very happy about what she'd accomplished. Just then, she hears Gus come back and attacks him by throwing knives at him. Gus ducks behind the couch for cover, calling for Tommy. Agent K steps into the living room, looking for him. Gus steps on her foot, making her howl in pain and toss Robotboy. Gus catches him but Ro is suddenly activated thanks to Tommy, who had woken up in time. Ro flies over to where Tommy is. Tommy tells Ro that “it’s time for our babysitter to go home.” Robotboy then flies and rams into Agent K’s stomach before punching her, knocking her down where she appears to have been knocked out. Robotboy returns to Tommy and Gus. Tommy believes the battle was easy but Agent K gets back up, looking more angry than before. She turns her purse into a flail and attacks the three of them again.

Tommy and Gus seek shelter under the table while Ro battles Agent K. He manages to dodge a few swings of the flail, but Agent K aims at the grandfather clock, knocking it down on top of Ro, who is unable to free himself and looks defeated. Tommy tries to push the clock off of his little buddy, but Agent K suddenly grabs a hold of him and jumps out the window, kidnapping him. Tommy can be heard crying out for Robotboy. Back in the house, Robotboy picks up the clock off of him and tosses it out before flying after Agent K, having heard Tommy calling for him. Agent K is dragging Tommy across a field while he struggles to free himself, but Agent K tells him that he’s Robotboy bait. They soon arrive where a waiting alien is with a parked spaceship, of which they climb aboard before it takes off.

Tommy is nervously watching as Agent K is pressing buttons before an alarm sounds. On the screen above them, Robotboy is shown flying after them. Agent K laughs and pushes a button, activating some tentacles that emerge from the bottom of the ship. Robotboy arrives, flying past the ship then turns around, heading for the cockpit where he sees Tommy waving both arms at him. But before Ro can smash through the glass, the ship turns and one of the tentacles smacks Ro away, sending him flying into a tree. He’s down but not completely out. Agent K takes this chance to launch a swarm of aliens in tiny spaceships to capture Ro, who awakens to find himself surrounded. Four aliens grab Ro with their tentacles and attempts to electrocute him. Tommy cries out in fear, but Ro just redirects the attack into a shock wave that blasts away some of the aliens.

Robotboy has had enough and Superactivates, something of which Agent K was not expecting or was told about, judging by her reaction. The aliens face SA Ro and Agent K orders them to attack, slamming her fist upon Tommy’s head while doing so. The aliens obey and begin firing their energy guns, but Ro just narrows his eyes and brings out 4 9-barrelled blasters and returns fire, making the aliens flee in fear before they’re blown up. Ro then activates his saw-hands, throwing one of them at the ship, taking out 4 of the tentacles, planning to get close to the ship again. However, with one of the tentacles sliced open, it creates a vacuum inside the ship. Agent K manages to hold onto the control panel but Tommy gets sucked out. He hollers for Robotboy, who watches him fall. Ro’s eyes glow red, meaning that he’s locking onto Tommy, before he shoots into the air. He catches Tommy just mere feet from the ground then lands, gently setting him down before flying back into the air. Tommy watches as Robotboy heads for the spaceship. Having no mercy for Agent K, Robotboy blasts it apart, seemingly killing her in the process.

Robotboy then lands and returns to Activated mode and shares a tender hug with Tommy. In the background, Agent K flies by, having miraculously survived the attack (or ejected from the ship before it exploded). She addresses Tommy and Ro as they watch her fly off, saying that they’ll never defeat Kamikazi. She also says that he loves her and that they’re gonna get married. However, back in Kaziland, said evil genius is being pampered to by three attractive women as a leopard naps in his lap and as Constantine watches on, clearly unhappy or even jealous. Kamikazi is thankful that Agent K failed while he claims to be too “young” to get married. The episode ends after that.


Tommy: *when he comes back to his room, surprised to see Robotboy, who had drawn make-up and hair on himself* Robotboy! Robotboy: Where been?! Robotboy bored!


  • This was the 6th episode to be produced for the series.
  • The fighting scene where Agent Kalaschnikov uses her meteor hammer, is a reference to the fighting scene between the Bride and Gogo Yubari (portrayed by Chiaki Kuriyama) in Quentin Tarantino's film: Kill Bill 1.
  • This is the only episode where Constantine doesn't speak.
  • From the scene where the grandfather-clock crashes down on top of Robotboy to near the end, the rest of Tommy's lines (aside from "Let me go!") are exclamations of "Robotboy!". In fact, he says Ro's name 6 times.
  • This is the only episode where the grandfather-clock is shown. It could have been that it was most recently bought prior to the start of it, but then had to be thrown out due to it being damaged from the battle between Ro and Agent Kalashnikov and then most likely destroyed when Ro tossed it off of him.
  • This is one of the few episode where Robotboy actually deliberately attempted to kill a human enemy and would have if Agent K hadn't ejected from the spaceship in time before it blew up after Ro shot at it multiple times. This just goes to show how far he'd go to protect Tommy and his friends. Other times he almost killed a human foe are:
    • "The Manchurian Robot"- Superactivated Robotboy would have shot down the helicopter Van der Schnitzel was in if Lola hadn't been in there with him. He would have also let Van der Schnitzel fall to his doom after causing him to shoot off the helicopter's blades if Lola wasn't inside it as well.
    • "Mancation"- SA Robotboy was going to blast Donnie twice with his wrist rocket but Tommy stopped him both times. Ro later blasting Dwight with an energy could count if one says that he knew it was Dwight and not a wolf monster.
  • Goof: When Ro asks Tommy, "Where been?" when he comes back, his reflection doesn't quite match his animation. The same thing happens after Tommy wipes off the make-up and hair. Also, there's a frame where his finger clips behind his reflection's ear.
  • Somehow colored pencil is able to show up well on Ro's metal when in reality, it wouldn't at all.
  • Goof: Robotboy only used yellow and red/pink colored pencils to draw on himself, but the eyelashes he drew on are black.
  • Goof: When Tommy comes back to his room and finds Robotboy, Ro has a colored pencil in his hand. In the next frame it's gone.
  • Goof: When Gus pulls back the cover of his bed, the same blanket can be seen underneath it. Either Gus sleeps with two blankets or this was an animation error.
  • Goof: In the scene Tommy is showing his action figures to Agent K, she has the sleeping gas can strapped to her thigh, but this is the only scene where it appears. She didn't have it on at all before this scene and it disappeared after she uses it to knock out Tommy and steal Ro. It's odd how Tommy didn't notice it, especially when it's in clear view.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De babysitter The babysitter
French Une babysitter de choc A shocking baby-sitter
German Das Kindermädchen The Babysitter
Spanish La niñera The Babysitter
Hebrew הבייביסיטר (HaBabysitter) The Babysitter


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