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The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi


UK Airdate
November 14, 2005
Production code
Directed by
Script/Written by
Andrew Rheingold
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Main Villain(s)
Title Reference
The Boy Who Cried Wolf

"The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi" is the 19th episode of the series and the 10th(a) of Season 1 of Robotboy.


When Robotboy gets his new freeze ray weapon installed, Gus and Tommy use it to their advantage to skip classes by saying, "Oh no! It's Dr. Kamikazi!" To which Robotboy freezes everything. Eventually Robotboy finds out, learns what lying is and then Kamikazi really attacks, and Robotboy fights him. After that, Tommy apologizes.




  • The title of this episode references the classic German fairytale The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  • When Tommy and Gus holds the rope from Kamikazi's air-balloon a "Tarzan yell" Sound Effect is heard.

In other languages

Int. Languages Int. Title Translation
Dutch Roep nooit te vaak Kamikazi Never say Kamikazi too often
French Qui a peur du grand Kamikazi ? Who is afraid of the great Kamikazi?
German Der Kamikazi Schrei The Kamikazi scream
Hebrew הילד שקרא קמיקזי (Hayeled Shekara Kamikazi) The Boy Who Called Kamikazi
Italian Il Potere Congelante Power Freezing
Spanish El muchacho que gritó Kamikazi The boy who shouted Kamikazi
Swedish Pojken som skrek; Kamikazi The Boy who yelled Kamikazi


Watch the episode

The Boy Who Cried Kamakazi11:31

The Boy Who Cried Kamakazi

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