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The Curse of Truckentstein


UK Airdate
August 2, 2008
Production code
Directed by
Charlie Bean
Script/Written by
Nick Gibbons
Previous Episode
Next Episode
Main Villain
Title Reference
The Curse of Frankenstein

"the Curse of Truckenstein" is the 87th episode of the series and the 5th(a) of Season 4 of Robotboy. In this episode, when the gang are preparing to watch a Monster-Truck presentation it gets interrupted by the most dangerous Monster-Truck of them all; Truckenstein. And then suddenly the cursed Monster-Truck sucks Gus into his entrance and possesses him to be his driver.




  • The episode title is a possible pun on "The Curse of Frankenstein".

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch De vloek van Truckenstein The curse of Truckenstein
French Pureé de poids lourds Puree of heavy weights
German Truckensteins Fluch Truckenstein's curse
Spanish La maldición de Truckenstein The curse of Truckenstein


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