The Doctor is a character from the animated series Robotboy.

He is a calm and patient man who seems to care about his patients.

In his first appearance in The Donnienator he was held hostage by Constantine so that Dr. Kamikazi could pretend to be the doctor to Donnie.

In Sweet Revenge he examined Tommy and tried to hunt down how Tommy hurt himself. He recommended his parents to let him stay one night at the hospital to keep track of him.

In Tummy Trouble we see him read a comic book about The Human Fist. He quickly hides the comic when Jebediah and Hester came in his office. When he sees Gus emaciated he screams anxious surprised. He then examines Gus to see how he became so slim. He discovers Walter the Tapeworm and wants to operate Gus to get Walter out of him. But when he takes out his saw and knifes, gus flees out of his office.


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