The Elderly Wrestlers

Elderly wrestlers

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The Elderly Wrestlers are two elderly mans employed by Screaming Scott to wrestle in his stadium. They both only appeared once in the episode Gus's Mix.

They are both to old to remember what they have to say and do. Even a wrestle game is to difficult for them and they cost more than they yield for Scott. They also have various aches and coughs.

When Scott encounters Gus who sells a secret oil from Professor Moshimo as Energy Drink, he bring Gus with them. The oil makes everyone who drinks it super strong and turn them in freaks.

The Elderly Wrestlers are instructed to beat Gus till he remembers the ingredients for the Energy Drink, what he doesn't know. When Robotboy comes to help Gus, they are both to weak and to old to fight him and they fail.

Scott let them both drink from the oil and they are changing intro super-strong freaks. They beat Robotboy and knock his batteries out of him. When Tommy wants to help Robotboy and is on the verge of drinking the oil, one of the two elderly wrestlers beats him to stop him from doing that. The oil is then drunk by Lola who turns into a super-strong freak.

The Elderly Wrestlers are defeated by Lola and she throws them both through the roof of Scott's stadium. When they fall down back in the stadion they are exhausted and fall asleep. Because of their sleep they are transforming back in to their old, weak selfs, fall over and hurting their hips.

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