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The Green Alien


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To destroy Robotboy so that he can conquer the world

The Green Alien is a big alien and a one-time villian in Robotboy.

His first Appearance was in the episode Aunty Gravitee. He doesn't speak and is only seen for a brief moment when he is getting into a fight in the space bar where Aunty Gravitee held her freak show starring Gus.

In Udder Madness, he wants to attack and conquer the planet earth. Somehow he knows about Robotboy and realizes that he is the only one that can stop him. So the Green Alien send out his minions to kidnap Robotboy so that he can destroy him.

Every time his minions fail he expresses his anger out on them. When they succeed, Tommy and Gus are being teleported to his space ship and try to stop him. The Green Alien wants to attack Tommy so that he can't activate Robotboy, but he is stopped by Farmer Stenkie.

When everybody fights in his space ship, one of his minions hits the counterfoil and his ship crashes almost in Farmer Stenkie's farm. Because The Green Alien is being captured he can't stop the ship, so Gus lands the ship safety on the ground.


  • It isn't known what happend to him and his minions after the crashlanding. He never showed up again and maybe has given up to conquer Earth.