It's FISTICUFFIN' TIME! - The Human Fist's Motto

The Human Fist


First Appearance
Dog-Ra (Cameo on Poster)
Cleaning Day (Physical Movement but in a video-game)
I Want That Toy (Voice heard)
Human Fist On Ice (First physical appearance)
Last Appearance
Small Problems (Official last seen his physical appearance)
The Return of Robotgirl (last seen as action figure)
Voiced by
The Inhuman Toe (Only on the TV-Show), Various Thieves and Villains, Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine
To save the world. Dance-teacher of Hip-Hop music.

The Human Fist is a superhero that exists on both his own TV-show and serves to save the people of Bay Area in real life as well. He is one of the biggest idols of Tommy, Robotboy, Lola, Gus and the people on The Bay Area. He can be seen in many various episodes including cameos of himself or as merchandises.


He is a superhero with a purple and yellow suit along with a giant hand which is his signature weapon thus explaining a name like "The Human Fist". As a superhero it is his duty to protect people around him, he is also kind to children if they are nice to him as well.



  • He has been able to meet his fans Tommy, Robotboy, Lola and Gus showing them gratitude (except for Gus who wanted to follow him).
  • It was revealed on the episode "Small Problems" that he and The Inhuman Toe are indeed best friends in real life while only playing as arch-enemies on his TV-Show. They seem to get along with each other well.
  • In his lastly seen physical appearance it may seem that he is going to get extra help with Tommy's Human Fist Action figure.

In other languages

The Human Fist had many different translations of his name:

Int. Language Int. Name Translation
Dutch De Vuist

De Menselijke Vuist

Vuistman (season 4)

The Fist

The Human Fist


German SuperFaust Super Fist
Spanish Puño humano Human Fist
Swedish Knytnävsmannen Fistman
Swedish (in some episodes) Den Mänskliga Knogen The Human Knuckle

International Dubs

Language Voice Actor
Swedish Peter Sjöquist

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