The Kids at the Pre-Criminal School is a group of seven toddlers (number seven is missing on the picture at the right) who attend the pre-criminal kindergarten. In fact there school is a playground in a small prision.

They are a dangerous group of small children and one extremly big one who still wears diapers. They steal and rob from people like The Bank of Bay Area, The Elderly Woman and Dwight Turnbull.

They were releasd from the prison by Robotboy who wanted to smell like a real boy. The leader of the group (the angry, shirtless toddler with orange hair on the picture right) gives him his diapers. They cause misery around The Bay Area.

When they steal Tommy's birthday cake he decides to run after them. The kids are with more and stronger and they overpower him. When they want to throw Tommy of a climbing frame, Robotboy comes to save him.

Robotboy brings the kids back to their Pre-Criminal school and isn't annoyed by their crying.