"The Sleepover" is the 67th episode of the series and the 8th(a) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode, when Robotboy can't follow Tommy and Gus to the sleepover party with their friends Robotboy suddenly gets an invitation to a different sleepover party with robots.


Tommy and Gus are preparing to go to Wallie's Sleepover. Robotboy also wants to go there, but Tommy reminds him no one is allowed to see him. Robotboy, disappointed, is alone at home, but then a drone comes, and shows an holographic character that invites Robotboy to a robot sleepover. Robotboy follows the drone to a warehouse, where he discovers new friends. It turns out Bjorn Bjornson made the robot sleepover to destroy Robotboy with the robots. They peer pressure Robotboy to drain all his hydraulic fluid. Robotboy is affected by the peer pressure and does it, becomes immobilized, and then, Bjorn Bjornson and Bjornbot reveal their plan. Meanwhile, in Wallie's Sleepover, Tommy and Gus are having fun, however, they also messed up the entire house, causing Wallie's mom to be enraged and kick out everyone. After that, Tommy is notified by his watch that Robotboy isn't home, and goes to the warehouse where he is. Tommy and Gus discover Bjorn's plan, and Bjorn orders the robots to destroy Robotboy in a lava pool. However, Tommy has a plan: he says the robots can't have a sleepover without a pillow fight, and then makes pillows with stones inside to destroy them and prevent them from destroying Robotboy. Tommy discovers Robotboy is drained of all his hydraulic fluid, and Gus uses the "Sugar Blast Cola" - the most powerful Cola ever to refill Robotboy. Robotboy flies at full speed all around the warehouse, only to discover the robots from the sleepover are still alive. One of them takes Tommy & Gus to the lava pool, and Robotboy destroys it and saves them. However, Bjornbot hits Robotboy very badly, and takes him to the lava pool, but Robotboy, still affected by the Sugar Blast cola, burps in his face and burns him. At the end, Bjorn Bjornson mom appears, and grounds him. The episode ends with Robotboy, Tommy and Gus laughing.



  • In the storyboard the episode is counted as episode nr. 68 instead of 67. This is a possible mistake or the episode was intended to be the 68th episode.
  • One of the FX designs also reveals the drone's name is Kazijet, which might imply that Dr. Kamikazi was intended to be the villain in this episode instead of Bjorn Bjornson

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Het logeerpartijtje The Sleepover
French La soirée pyjama The pajama party
German Die Übernachtungsparty The Sleepover
Spanish La pijamada The slumberparty


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