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The Tour Guide is a guide at the Natural History Museum of Bay Area. It's also possible that he is the museum director. His appears in two episodes. In Museum Madness with a role and a cameo in Bowling for dummies.

He is a tall, slim men with a bold head and some black hair. He wears a pink shirt under a grey jacket with a blue bow tie.

He guides visitors in his museum with some knowledge and enthusiasm, but seems not to like children. His dislike for children is being confirmed by Gus who doesn't listen and is touching stuff while that is forbidden. Much to the anger of the Tour Guide.

He also has a good side and showing respect to Tommy, Lola and Gus when they caught the 2 Old Thieves at the Museum and stopping them from stealing a giant golden nugget. He is verry happy with the return of his gold and gives them the right to visit the museum for free every time they come.


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