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Tommy's Bedroom


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Tommy's Bedroom is the main location and head spot in the series.

The room is Tommy's bedroom. Here he sleeps and lives most of his time. This is also the place where Robotboy stays, hides, get repeared and also sleeps (recharching).

This is also the place where Tommy, Lola and Gus often play (video games) or prepare their plans.


The room has blue walls with some posters. A poster of the Human Fist, a race car and a drawing made by Tommy of Robotboy are always seen. A red/orange carpet lies on the floor.

Robotboy drawing

Tommy's drawing of Robotboy

He has a white bed with a wardrobe and a writing desk attached to it. Also a orange television and a yellow bean bag are often seen in his room. Tommy is a huge fan of toys and special collectors items. So everywhere there are toys and superhero or robot related stuff standing on shelfes. He also has a interest science. A pair of spaceships who hangs at his ceiling and posters on the wall from space makes that clear.

For the rest it's a typical boy's room and so a little bit messy. There are always stuff like dvd's, cd's, clothing, magazines and food on the floor.


  • In some episodes the location of the bedroom door changes. In most episodes it is opposite to the window and in some it is opposite to Tommy's bed.
  • Also in some episodes the carpet is purplish or blueish and pink instead of orange/red. This is also the case with the beanbag in Tommy's Room who changes colors from yellow and orange from time to time.
  • In the episode I Hero! the poster of The Human Fist above Tommy's bed is missing and replaced with a poster (of the same size) of Tommy himself with a spacesuit in space. In fact this image on the poster is a screenshot from the episode Grow-No-Mo!.
  • Outside views of the house suggests that Tommy's room should have a second window that would be located on the wall opposite his bed. But in every scene with his room there's only one window.

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