Tommy's Superactive Mode was only seen in the episode Automatommy.

The Superactivation is given by The Superactivation Exoskeleton-belt, a invention from Tommy and professor Moshimo. When a person is wearing the belt and actives it, the belt will transform into a exoskeleton and the person wearing it will be covered in the exoskeleton.The belt has almost the same powers and weapons as Robotboy when it's in his Superactive Mode. Similar shape, hand designs but more blueish colors.


  • Missiles
  • Lasers
  • Super Strength
  • Energy Blasts
  • Saw Hands
  • Hammer


  • The belt was only worn by Tommy and Gus.
  • There is a second belt. This was a small testversion of the belt who was given to a mouse Tommy had. The mouse also received a exoskeleton and used it to brake free from his cage, fight Tommy and then fight the neighborhood cats.
  • It is unknown if the belt still exists or is destroyed.