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Truckenstein was a evil possessed monstertruck that possessed Gus and caused chaos in The Bay Area. The monstertruck only appeared in the episode The Curse of Truckenstein.

Truckenstein is the most automotive evil.

The curse of Truckenstein

When Robotboy, Tommy, Lola and Gus are at a monstertruck rally, they are being warned by a stranger about Truckenstein. The stranger also sales souvenirs from Truckenstein.

When the show is almost over, Truckenstein comes in and starts to destroy everything in the area. Gus gets all excited about the truck and walks to him. Truckenstein lures him and places him behind the wheel. Truckenstein possesses Gus his mind and let Gus drive him. Then he drives out of the stadium and starts a rampage in the town.

The next day Gus is still possed and sits in the classroom. When Mr. Fournier confronts him with his bad grades, he get's angry and he let's Truckenstein destroy Fournier's car.

After schooltime Tommy and Lola are walking to home when Truckenstein encounters them. He starts to follow them with the goal to run them over. He distracts Gus with a pie so that he can't stop him. Tommy activates Robotboy and a long fight starts between Robotboy and Truckenstein begins. There both even strong and the fight can't stop.

The stranger from the monstertruck rally comes back and sells Tommy a book from his souvenis with tips about how to stop Truckenstein. The book says that Truckenstein is the most automotive evil and only can be stopped by the most automotive good.

Tommy uses a perfume pendant from captain Wonderwheel's monstertruck and with the signature to exorcising the evil Monstertruck. Truckenstein tries to escape but is stopped by Robotboy. He can't handle the pure goodness and collapses, stopping the curse and the possessing of Gus.


  • Why Truckenstein is possessed isn't made clear in the episode.
  • The truck can't talk, so the reason he possessed Gus was so he could talk and walk, meaning that Gus in almost the entire episode was Truckenstein himself.
  • When the episode was made and aired (2008) Monstertruck rally's were enormously popular. Truckenstein was probably created to catch on the hype.