The Turner Residence is the house where Gus and his parents Jebediah and Hester lives. The house is located in The Bay Area.


In contrast to other houses in The Bay Area (for example the Turnbull Residence) this house has dark colours instead of bright colors or white. It also looks quit old.

The reason why the house is so different comes to the style of life that Jebediah and Hester are living. They are Amish and wear for example dark colours.

From the inside the house is very dark, creaky and moist. There are a lot of loose boards and cobwebs. Also there is no electricity. For obtaining light they uses old-fashioned candlesticks with lighted candles.

The house also serves as a farm. The Turner family keeps a cow in their kitchen to provide for milk. In the backgarden they are self-sufficient and grow their own vegetables for example. Also in their backgarden the keep some animals.

The garage is the place where the family horse lives.


  • Because the house is so old-fashioned, the kids normaly don't come to Gus's house. Gus normally goes to Tommy's house.
  • Dr. Kamikazi refused to come near the residence because he is scared of Jebediah and Hester.