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Up a Tree


UK Airdate
November 2, 2007
Production code
Directed by
Charlie Bean
Script/Written by
Nick Gibbons
Previous Episode
Next Episode
Main Villain(s)
S.M.T.H.R.S and *Donnie Turnbull (*Sub-villain)

"Up a Tree" is the 60th episode of the series and the 4th(b) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode after Donnie wrecking the gangs tree-house they were building they decide to create a stronger tree-house with more technology and more secure to Donnie himself so that he won't bother them again.




In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch In een boom Up a Tree
French Piège végétal Plant Trap
German Das Baumhaus The Treehouse
Spanish Arriba del árbol Up in a three


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