So I have an announcement to make, I`m quite the fan of Robotboy, and it used to be my favourite Show in 7th grade. I`m not that fussed about it now,but I can`t help but noticed the bad reputation this WIki is getting,and it`s countless Vandal Pages.

I`m gonna file an Adoption Request for this Wiki,but I need everyone elses permission.

By that I mean, I don`t wanna get in the way of everyone else.

I have been improving Pages with Galleries,and some Friendship sections.

I have corrected Punctuation errors, and have typed some noteworthy sentences.

I have noticed that many Admins here,do not know how to Block/Ban,and as such are inactive.

As an Admin on another CN Show`s Wiki---I would like to make this wiki at least look proffesional.

What I mean by that is, I want it to look good.

First of all,we need a creative Logo.

2nd of all,we need to make Rule pages and such.

3rd of all,we`ll need to make a Background.

You may be thinking; "Who put you in charge?" 

Well,since there`s no one around to ban me if this borders on Minimodding, but that`s why I`m making this Blog.

I need you to approve of this.

Because I honestly want this Wiki to be about Robotboy,and not about Fanon content about seeing Deb Turnbull naked or some dodgy articles like that.

I will be promoting an old Friend from the Gumball Wiki,to help me.

So I won`t be here all the time--as I have Laptop restrictions.

Please Comment what you think about this.

Please make it quick,since I have till Sunday,till I go back to School.

Thank you for reading.