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  • Octaafdebolle

    Hello everyone on this great Wiki,

    It has been a while since my last blog, so i thought to write one about the two most important things for me at this moment. My opinion about Robotboy and his fandom, and about a change on this Wikia, which i haven't made clear before.

    I start with the last one:

    For everyone who didn't noticed it, since last Januari, this Wiki is now affiliated with the Rupert Wikia[1]

    Why and what What does this mean for the Robotboy Wikia

    The reason is simple. I am an admin and bureaucrat on this Wiki, and the Rupert wiki. The Rupert Wiki has been aboned and lacking from so much information, that i adopt it last December. I will completly renovate it and add a lot of information. The Rupert Wiki will be almost the same as t…

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  • Octaafdebolle

    Well, today he finally arrived in my mailbox, the Spanish version of the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM and surprisingly it was not what i expected. I thought it was the same as the orignial English version, but it wasn't.

    Had it more or less features? Well, it had way less.

    The menu if verry different. It isn't in Tommy's room, with Robotboy and Tommy, but somewhere in the streets of Bay Area, with Gus and Tommy looking worried and a protective Robotboy in the middle. When you click on them, Robotboy superactivates and Tommy and Gus run away.

    You can choose between charactersprofiles, videos and the game on the left side of the menu. The background of thestory is mentioned on the cover but it's not present on the CD-ROM itself.

    The charact…

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  • Octaafdebolle

    New Infoboxes

    December 18, 2016 by Octaafdebolle

    I created new infoboxes. Inspired by 3jamsk original infobox about locations. So the credits are for him.

    When you create or edit a page, you can click on 'Insert' - 'Infobox'. There are 5 info boxes:

    1. Characters
    2. Episodes
    3. Locations
    4. Inventions
    5. Vehicles

    (Nr. 6 is Infobox Location, not for use!)

    in the course of time all pages with the current Infoboxes will be replaced with the new ones. The new ones are looking modern and the style resembles that from the Wikia. In the boxes all the info options are avaible. When you don't fill something in, it will not appear on the page. So only answers you fill in will appear.

    The first page with the new information box is Truckenstein. Please say what you think of it.

    Also i like to hear if you prefer the current o…

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  • Octaafdebolle

    Today the first episodes of Robotboy Dog-Ra(Episode) and War and Pieces (who i concider a much better episode to begin the series with) were first broadcasted on 1 november 2005, today 11 years ago!

    So happy 11th birthday Robotboy!

    I feel old...

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  • Octaafdebolle

    The voting continues

    October 23, 2016 by Octaafdebolle

    For everyone with interest, i finished the polls about the best and worst episodes from each season:

    Don't forget to vote. I am curious about which episodes are considerd the best and the worst. 

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