I created new infoboxes. Inspired by 3jamsk original infobox about locations. So the credits are for him.

When you create or edit a page, you can click on 'Insert' - 'Infobox'. There are 5 info boxes:

  1. Characters
  2. Episodes
  3. Locations
  4. Inventions
  5. Vehicles

(Nr. 6 is Infobox Location, not for use!)

in the course of time all pages with the current Infoboxes will be replaced with the new ones. The new ones are looking modern and the style resembles that from the Wikia. In the boxes all the info options are avaible. When you don't fill something in, it will not appear on the page. So only answers you fill in will appear.

The first page with the new information box is Truckenstein. Please say what you think of it.

Also i like to hear if you prefer the current old ones or the new ones. I only will replace the old ones if most of you like it. When that's not the case i will not replace anything and the old ones will be kept.

You can see them when you type in the search bar: Template: Characters or Template: Episodes', etc.

Kind Regards


p.s. When the new infoboxes are oke and the decision is made to use them, please feel free to replace the old ones with the new ones so now and then. 294 pages for me to do alone is very much :-)

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