On this Wikia there are pages about gameplays of Robotboy, based on the series.

Tommy Takeaway and Depth Charger are still avaible and playable to this day. But a lot of others like: Island of doom , Moshimo's Robot testing Lab , Kamikazi Kidnap, Repair or Despair, Robot Rescue,  Something in the Darkness Drools   and  Tag Team Trouble aren't avaible and playable anymore.

I think that is a big shame. Some of these games still excist somewhere on the internet in a file or cloud or coul be easily transformed in a new file. so that the can be played. So why did Cartoon Network take them offline, i really think that is a shame.

If the series ever return for a fifth season i hope that they will take the games back online. Or mayby we can write them and make clear that we fans still want to play those games. Mayby they want to bring back one or two games, that would be awesome.

If they ever make new games i hope that they will be orginal. There are already 5 games who have the same story, Robotboy has to rescue Tommy because he is been kidnapped (Tommy really should watch out in Bay Area if he is being kidnapped that often, i hope he doesn't traumatizes). So a original play game in witch you can play as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola or Gus to shave the day or fight various villians. So not only Kamikazi, but also Klaus and Ludwig, Felonius Hexx, Bjorn Bjornson and general Yakitori. I wish i could make games, then i would make something like that.

That was all i had to say, for now. I like to hear what you guys think about bringing back the games or make a own fan-made game.