Robotboy action figure 

I recently bought this awesome piece online. It is a action figure from Robotboy! Robotboy merchandise is rare, there is not much of it. Except three DVD's in France, one in English, one in Dutch, a Cartoon Network mug, a puzzle with Robotboy and Tommy in the Netherlands and of course the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM.

But this piece is very unique. I never saw something like it and couldn't find anything on internet about it. I don't now how many are made and spread, but i think it is a rare piece. Who made it is als unknown. On the box it says only made in China commissioned by Cartoon Network, 2005. The box isn't in a very good condition, but it isn't bad. I also thought it was a small piece the size of a Playmobil figure, but it's a big thing, about 40 cm long. And the box is 50 cm wide.

I am so happy with this piece. It is so cool to own my own Robotboy :-) Shame they didn't made more merchandise of Robotboy. It would be cool to have a whole series of action figures like this from the series you could collect, like: Tommy, Gus, Lola, Kamikazi, Constantine, Protoboy, Moshimo, superactived Robotboy, etc. The pop-heroes and pop-action figures from Funko are very populair these days (those little action figures with black round eyes and square heads). They could make a whole series of Robotboy as well, they make a lot of modern series as well. And for them to make a Tommy figure would be easy, because he already has a square head :)

I will make a page about this action figure and other merchandise of Robotboy. Mayby we can find more cool stuff online!

I just wanted to share with you guys how happy i am with my Robotboy. Do you ever seen something like this?