Well, today he finally arrived in my mailbox, the Spanish version of the Robotboy - Special Edition CD-ROM and surprisingly it was not what i expected. I thought it was the same as the orignial English version, but it wasn't.

Had it more or less features? Well, it had way less.

The menu if verry different. It isn't in Tommy's room, with Robotboy and Tommy, but somewhere in the streets of Bay Area, with Gus and Tommy looking worried and a protective Robotboy in the middle. When you click on them, Robotboy superactivates and Tommy and Gus run away.

You can choose between charactersprofiles, videos and the game on the left side of the menu. The background of thestory is mentioned on the cover but it's not present on the CD-ROM itself.

The characters profiles are just simply slide boxes that hen appear on the menu itself. And their are only characterprofiles for Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, Gus, Kamikazi and Constantine. The others are not present.

There are 3 videos and all 3 different then on the English one! The first on is from War and Pieces when they fly with the cough out of Tommy's house to Moshimo. The second video is from Kamikazi Nightmare where Tommy tells Lola and Gus what happend the other night and how Dwight took Robotboy from him. It ends when Tommy walks into his house and hears Dwight telling Deb that he sold his toys. The thirth video is from Christmas Evil when Robotboy, Tommy, Lola and Gus are in Tommý's room thinking of a plan to save santa and Gus slaps Gus as Lola asked him to do. All of them are ofcourse in Spanish. (The voiceactor of Gus is a woman, you hear that verry clearly. I never knew that).

You can download two wallpapers, just like in the English edition, but it are two different wallpapers. The wallpapers on the Spanish disc are this one: CLICK HERE FOR 1 and this one CLICK HERE FOR 2

The game Tommy Takeaway is also avaible and completly in Spanish. One difference, the rockets that the frog-men are shooting move way slower then on the online versions and on the orignal CD-ROM. Also the button go back to the menu is constantly present in the top left corner of the game itself.

So, not really something new, but still worth to see the differences that Cartoon Network made for other countries. I am suprised that they didn't launch a Franch CD-ROM, that would be more logic then a Spanish version. But still cool.

Tomorrow i will upload some screenshots  on this blog and on the CD-ROM page. I can't use the printer now (it's broken. again) so i have to use a other one.  I also want to make a little video to compare the differences between the two CD-Roms.

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