Hello there fellow fans,

I got the idea to communicate with a game company called Denki, why? Because they made four unknown Robotboy games.

Who they are, you may ask? They are a digital toy company based in Dundee, Scottland, and are most known for the puzzle game Denki Blocks! and their Sky Games for the British SkyTV's now-defunct Sky Gamestar service.

So, the following games are:

Kamikazi KidnapSomething in the Darkness DroolsRepair or Despair and Tag Team Trouble.

Here's a picture for anyone who recognizes the games: 

245235 full

This game is the first one listed, Kamikazi Kidnap

The questions I already have in mind are: 

1. What was the story of each game (except Kamikazi Kidnap, because its story is known)?

2. Which characters were in the games?

3. Was each game a platformer like Kamikazi Kidnap or not?

4. How was the development of the games?

5. Do they have any screenshots or pictures from the games?

6. Is it possible someday in the future to bring the games back online or even Steam, Ubisoft or something like that?

7. How was the collaboration with Cartoon Network? Were they easy or very difficult to work with in their demand for the show? 

But now it's your turn, I need you to help me by giving me more questions if you have some, because I think there's place for more...

So guys, please help me with this, it's not only for me, but for the entire fandom...

Yours truly,

- Ofirgol109/Atomikku123

EDIT: Added three more questions by Octaafdebolle

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