Hello fellow fans,

I've been looking through Alphanim, old website, and I've been able to discover that the airing order of Series 1 (seasons 1 and 2) is actually incorrect!

In fact, Kami-Chameleon was the first episode ever to be produced for the show, and Tummy Trouble was the 52th... Where's Dog-Ra and War and Pieces? Dog-Ra is the 14th episode and War and Pieces is the 3rd episode.

Actually, this list kinda makes sense, since Sweet Revenge, the second episode on there, in fact, has some animation errors not present in other episode, the most praticular being part of Robotboy's hands colored white instead of blue.

Also, here's the whole list, along with the original episode descriptions:

01 Kami-Chameleon Kamikazi sends henchmen to Tommy’s school disguised as teachers! When Tommy figures this out, he tries to send Robotboy back home, but his metallic companion wants to stay for gym class! Robotboy sneaks back to school dressed as a regular kid and joins in a game of dodge ball! As the game takes shape, it slowly becomes apparent that Robotboy is undercover and the disguised teachers and Kamikazi attempt their capture in the school gym!

02 Sweet Revenge With Tommy in hospital, Gus promises to look after Robotboy until Tommy gets better. When Donnie beats up Gus at the hospital, Gus craves super strength. Kamikazi plays on this and broadcasts a TV commercial offering super strength through a new kind of candy bar…the Kazicrunch! Naturally, Gus needs little encouragement to seek out this new form of candy and rapidly breaks his promise to Tommy, activating Robotboy to help him in his quest! When Gus finally finds a Kazicrunch bar, he reluctantly shares a piece with Robotboy! The candy jams up Robotboy’s mechanics and almost instantly deactivates him, allowing Kamikazi to swoop!

03 War and Pieces Tommy is mending Robotboy in his room when Gus barges in and knocks him to the floor, losing Robotboy’s aggro-capacitor! Without this piece of technology, Robotboy is unable to fight and Tommy must get Robotboy back to Professor Moshimo before someone attacks! Naturally Kamikazi latches onto the situation and follows Tommy, Lola and Gus to Moshimo’s secret home in his invisible travel craft! While the kids get a tour of Moshimo’s luxury pad, Kamikazi summons his hench-yetis and preps them for war!

04 Robot Rebels When Lola gives Tommy 3 brand new robot toys in order to win his affection, she unwittingly plays into the hands of Dr Kamikazi! When Robotboy is left alone to play with the state of the art robots, they come alive and plead with Robotboy to help them escape human control and urge him to do the same. Of course, Kamikazi and his virtual reality equipment are laying a trap for the unwitting Robotboy. As Robotboy slowly falls for Kamikazi’s dastardly plan he must decide to follow his metal mentors or remember all the good times he had with Tommy and recall that humans aren’t all bad…!

05 Constabot In a bid to impress his boss, Constantine invents his own robot to try and capture Robotboy. The heap of metal that is Constabot is so lame that when he comes face to face with Robotboy instead of beating him to a pulp, Robotboy takes pity and befriends him! Much to Kamikazi’s surprise, his assistant’s ‘pile of bolts’ inadvertently lures Robotboy into his grasp! Aware of the danger, Tommy jumps on board Constabot in the hope of protecting Robotboy, but the tables turn for the worse, putting Tommy in real danger!

06 The Babysitter When Tommy’s mum and dad go away for the weekend, Dr Kamikazi sends around a beautiful Russian assassin babysitter. Donnie takes an instant shine to the blond bombshell and invites her to look round his room. Agent Kalashnikov however seems more interested in Tommy’s room, and in particular, in his toy collection. Agent Kalashnikov karate chops Donnie to the floor and sprays Tommy with pepper spray in a bid to capture Robotoboy. Somehow in his quest for pizza, Gus manages to thwart the blond assassin and rouse Tommy in time to activate Robotboy. Thinking quickly, Agent Kalashnikov kidnaps Tommy to use as ‘Robotboy bait’. With Gus still in search of the pizza, Robotboy is forced to battle the Russian agent and her Octopus-like, jellyfish-firing space ship all on his own! Will Robotboy succeed or will the blonde Russian triumph and win the love of Dr Kamikazi…!

07 Kurt’s Father When Kurt’s father comes to school for a careers day, all the kids are wowed by his high profile, secret job with the government. When he spots Robotboy, he instructs Kurt to befriend Tommy. An unusual friendship begins and Tommy gets invited back to Kurt’s swish pad. Kurt duly steals ‘Tommy’s stupid doll’, and his father sets about cloning Robotboy to satisfy his power hungry career demands, and of course…the Government. With Robotboy in a perilous predicament and doom impending, Gus turns up…with a plan!

08 The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi Moshimo gives Robotboy the power to freeze everything in sight. Tommy and Gus decide to use this new power to their advantage by pretending that Kamikazi is attacking and forcing Robotboy to freeze everyone around him! However, when Dr Kamikazi does eventually attack with his newly acquired ‘Clapper Zapper’, Tommy is faced with ‘the boy who cried wolf’ scenario. Robotboy thinks Tommy is lying and doesn’t respond, leaving him to fall into the evil hands of Dr Kamikazi!

09 Halloween When Tommy and friends put on their fancy dress costumes and head out trick or treating, Dr Kamikazi senses an opportunity to capture Robotboy. Tommy allows Robotboy to join the gang in their quest for candy, as the public will assume he’s just a boy in costume. Tommy wears a badly designed Robotboy costume and they head off into the night. When the kids get split up after running from candy thieves, Dr Kamikazi and his evil henchmonsters pounce on Tommy, believing him to be the real Robotboy. Tommy is taken back to Kamikazi’s lair as the evil doctor bids to unlock the secret behind Robotboy’s superactivation. The real Robotboy now faces a race against time to save Tommy from Kamikazi and his evil henchmonsters.

10 Valentine’s Day Kamikazi uses Lola’s crush on Tommy to capture her by sending her a phoney valentines message. When Tommy also gets a phoney message from Bambi, he also can’t resist and inadvertently brings Robotboy closer to Kamikazi’s evil clutches! In store for the young lovers and Robotboy are a tunnel of love and some evil cupid clones! When the clones open fire with their love arrows, anyone hit begins to fall in love! When an arrow strikes Robotboy, he takes an unusual liking to Gus and this unusually loved-up state threatens his fighting ability! It’s now up to Tommy to use his understanding and the emotion of love, to help save Robotboy!

11 The Donnienator Dr. Kamikazi turns Donnie into a robot of destruction to serve his evil plans! When Donnie decides to steal and destroy all of Tommy’s action figures, Robotboy intervenes and Donnie ends up in hospital. Donnie is attended to by a disguised Dr. Kamikazi and gets fitted with ultra strong casts that appear to give him super-strength. Using his new powers, Donnie takes to smashing up buildings, flipping cars and dishing out ultra-painful, wedgies to all the kids he can find! However, when he stumbles upon Tommy, his casts turn into a ‘Cast Bot’, which assumes a mind of its own, hell-bent on destroying Robotboy.

12 Human Fist on Ice When the Human Fist, the children’s favourite fictional superhero, comes to town to perform an ice spectacular, Dr Kamikazi sees it as a perfect opportunity to capture Robotboy. The Human Fist actor (Randy) is all set to appear on an Ice Rink in the Bay, when Dr Kamikazi turns up and sticks him in a brainwashing machine! When Randy comes onto the ice, and heads straight for Tommy and Gus in the crowd, the boys are ecstatic…until they realise that Robotboy has gone missing! The Kids and Randy follow Robotboy’s low frequency transmission, and eventually get trapped as well! When all roads appear to lead to disaster, who should show up to save the day, but the real Human Fist himself!!

13 Kamikazi Nightmare Dr. Kamikazi taps into Tommy’s dreams with his latest evil invention, the ‘Nightmare Inducer’. The contraption sends Tommy into a wild hysteria and upon awakening he automatically activates Robotboy. Sensing Tommy’s fear, Robotboy blasts his room to smithereens, which leaves Tommy’s dad none too impressed. Seen as the root of all-evil, Robotboy is confiscated and then sold to two rather shady looking adult toy collectors! With Robotboy now in his possession, Dr. Kamikazi is close to fulfilling his life’s evil ambition. Just when it would appear that nothing could go wrong for the wicked Doctor, he is tempted by some of Lola’s hallucinogenic African Tree Bark Tapas…!!!

14 Dog-Ra Tommy and Gus find a lost puppy on the street and decide to adopt it. When Tommy gets home, Robotboy takes an immediate dislike to the puppy, much to the annoyance of Tommy. When Tommy and his family leave Robotboy and the puppy (Sparky) alone in the house, sparks start to fly! Sparky transforms into a half beast-half machine, with his sights set on Robotboy! As Robotboy’s batteries drain empty, Dr Kamikazi watches with glee on his monitor! With Robotboy deactivated, and in the jaws of Dog-ra, all looks set to end in disaster, until Gus arrives with a dog whistle!

15 Christmas Evil Dr Kamikazi pretends to kidnap Santa, knowing that Tommy, and Robotboy, will follow him to the North Pole in order to prevent his evil scheme. On arrival, things seem to be going to plan for the evil Doctor, as his elf-eating clones put paid to Santa’s resistance. When Robotboy arrives, his batteries freeze in the cold weather and he deactivates, leaving Dr Kamikazi with an early Xmas present! Its now up to Santa and Tommy to save Robotboy and Christmas itself from the evil of Dr Kamikazi!

16 Fight When Kurt fails to notice Bambi’s new hair-do, she plants a smacker on Tommy! Kurt challenges Tommy to an after school fight. Meanwhile, Dr Kamikazi has been spying on the situation through one of his Kazi-kams and is intent on turning up to watch Tommy take a hiding. In a desperate bid to avoid a beating, Tommy contacts Moshimo for advice, and is promptly informed that it is possible to synch Robotboy’s fighting moves to his own body. As the final school bell rings, the whole school is buzzing with anticipation! Tommy takes an unsurprising early advantage, and everyone seems overjoyed…except Kamikazi that is! On the ball, Constantine spots Robotboy performing fighting moves on the roof and takes the opportunity to confront him with half starved, teenage, gangster Kilimanjaro monkeys! Will Tommy win, will Robotboy escape, and will Kamikazi escape detention…???

17 The Tune Up Gus uses Robotboy to download the latest video game technology, but Robotboy catches a computer virus and starts thinking that everyone is an alien! With Moshimo too busy to help, Tommy is recommended a robot doctor, who is duly kidnapped by Kamikazi and Constantine. The evil Dr. tampers with Robotboy so that he becomes uncontrollably violent. With options running out fast, Moshimo sends Tommy a termination software package, to end Robotboy’s days for the good of humankind. Suspecting that something might be awry, Tommy neglects to install the software and simply deactivates Robotboy. Kamikazi still in his guise as a Robot repairman offers to take the ‘deceased’ Robotboy away. Finally twigging what has happened, Tommy activates Robotboy and sets him lose on his evil tormentors!

18 Cast-Iron Constantine Constantine is sent on an undercover mission to the Bay Area school in order to capture Robotboy. After kidnapping the school Chef, Constantine whips up a real feast, which has Gus licking chocolate sauce off the floor, and Dr Friedman Culpepper falling in love with one of his soufflés! It soon becomes apparent that Culpepper and Constantine share more than a love of food and fall dramatically in love…much to the annoyance of Dr Kamikazi! Kamikazi tries frantically to get Constantine’s mind back on the job, and eventually manages to transform his assistant into a huge metal robot chef, intent on capturing Robotboy! Will anyone or anything be able to stop this crazy chef…?

19 Brother Bjorn Robotboy is challenged to an ultimate robot fight by Professor Moshimo’s former prodigy, Bjorn Bjornson and his deadly Bjorn-bot! Tommy is not keen on accepting the challenge, as he is fully aware of Bjorn Bjornson’s pedigree as one of the best students ever to emerge from the Gottinhimmel Academy for the Wealthy and Smart. However, Robotboy convinces Tommy that under the terms of the ‘Fighting Robot Code’, he is obliged to accept any robot challenge. Much to the delight of Gus and Bjorn, a battle to end all battles commences! With the sides so evenly matched and the stakes so high…will good triumph over evil…?

20 Attack of the Killer G-Men Dr Kamikazi steals some drool from Gus in order to make evil clones with the intention of capturing Robotboy. Upon realising that his Bear clones were too clever, thus understanding Robotboy’s threat, Dr Kamikazi opts to find the ‘stupidest’ genes possible. He lures Gus by posing as an Ice Cream man and, using his drool, proceeds to create all kinds of dangerous Gus-mutated animals. Robotboy has recently promised not to hurt Gus, so is put in a difficult position when captured by a Gus look-a-like! With everything heading for disaster, the original Gus appears on the scene…to be met with a God-like reception from the evil clones!

21 Door to Door The school runs a candy-selling competition to raise money for the new science lab! Whoever gets the most money wins a trip to Sweetopolis! Gus instantly sets to work on his business plan, figuring that by over charging for the candy he can eat at least 2 boxes and still win the competition. Kamikazi finds out about the competition and hatches an evil plot, whereby he intends to starve Gus of all things sugary so that he will do anything for the prize! Posing as a multi millionaire, Kamikazi pledges to buy one million boxes of candy from whichever student can provide him with the most interesting science project..! Before Tommy and Lola can do anything, Gus is out of the classroom and on his way to sell Robotboy to service his sugar addiction!

22 Brother When Robotboy finds out he has a long lost brother, he is desperate to meet him! As it happens, his brother, Protoboy, was one of Moshimo’s first ever creations and accordingly was captured by Kamikazi at an early age! Moshimo explains that it isn’t a good idea to track down Protoboy as Kamikazi made him so evil that even the evil doctor couldn’t control him! Robotboy ignores this advice, under the impression that Tommy can fix Protoboy and heads straight for Kaziland, where he finds his brother deactivated in the ‘failed experiments’ room! Once Protoboy is reactivated, his behaviour soon becomes apparent to Robotboy as he wreaks uncontrollable havoc everywhere he goes. Robotboy and his real family; Tommy and Moshimo, face an exceptionally difficult battle to halt Protoboy’s destructive plans!

23 I Want That Toy Inspired by the latest ‘I Want That Toy’ TV commercial, Tommy, Gus and Robotboy head to the toy store. On exiting, Tommy sets off the alarms and the guards accuse him of stealing Robotboy. Robotboy is retained by the store and Tommy is promptly grounded for stealing. Alone in his bedroom, Tommy sees the TV commercial again and spots the diabolical figure of Dr. Kamikazi lurking in the background. Tommy must break free from the confines of his locked bedroom and rescue Robotboy, before Kamikazi has his evil way!

24 Underwater Tommy’s dad wins a free fishing trip (supplied courtesy of Dr. Kamikazi). A reluctant Tommy, Gus, and Donnie accompany him and embark on what turns out to be a somewhat perilous trip. On board the boat Tommy battles his seasickness, Gus feasts on sugar coated squid and Donnie steals Robotboy to use as bait! This plays right into the hand of Dr. Kamikazi, who is lurking below the surface in his dastardly contraption, the Kazi-Whale, which duly gobbles up Robotboy. Tommy must now decide whether to lose Robotboy to the evil Dr. Kamikazi or risk activating him in front of Donnie and his father…

25 Metal Monster When a hapless tabloid journalist (Cosgrove) sees Robotboy fighting robot bugs in the sky, he sees tomorrows ‘front pages’ and a chance to make a name for himself! His trail leads him across the path of Tommy and friends, Gus’s slightly odd family and Dr Kamikazi…but no one seems to know anything about fighting robots! Kamikazi concocts a plan to leak pictures of Robotboy’s, recent escapade to the national press and force the government to act. He is positive that it will be much easier to steal Robotboy from Government agents, than from Tommy and his friends! With Robotboy seized by agents and locked up in the mysterious Area 57 building, with all kind of hideous beasts, will Kamikazi’s plan work..? Will Tommy be able to rescue Robotboy…? And will Cosgrove get the photographic evidence that will finally establish his reputation!!!?

26 Wrestling With Gus Inspired by television, Gus thinks he has potential as a wrestling hero. So he sets up a wrestling ring in Tommy’s garden to showcase his talents, and charges the younger kids to watch! When Kurt, Stu and Mookie show up, Gus gets more than he bargained for and after a swift beating, is forced to call on Robotboy for some wrestling lessons. Kurt’s father (a government agent desperate to prove Robotboy’s existence) sees the wrestling ring as an excellent opportunity to get conclusive footage of Robotboy to show to his bosses. He heads over to get involved in the action! When Gus starts to take yet another beating, Robotboy comes to the rescue and between them they have to dispose of Kurt, Stu, Mookie and Kurt’s father! Cue a wrestle fest that makes the WWE look tame!

27 Don’t Fight It When Dr Kamikazi creates an army of Octopi-men, who grow stronger every time they are attacked, he is entitled to believe that this is his best chance ever to capture Robotboy! In the meantime, Robotboy is having issues with his temper! He is wildly attacking anything from arcade machines, to Gus as he superactivates at will. Taking advice from Moshimo, Tommy removes Robotboy’s ‘aggro-capacitor’ and, Robotboy turns incredibly placid and friendly. When the Octopi-men capture the happy-go-lucky Robotboy, Constantine tempers his boss’s glee by reminding him that a non-fighting Robotboy is not an ideal tool for world domination! Will Kamikazi find a way to make Robotboy fight and still keep him hostage…?

28 Constantine Rising Dr Kamikazi is in bed with a fever, so Constantine decides its upto him to capture Robotboy. Meanwhile, Moshimo has sent Tommy 3 rings, which allow himself, Lola and Gus to call each other wherever they are. Tommy is insulted, as he firmly believes Gus and Lola are irrelevant players in his, and Robotboy’s, consistent thwarting of Dr Kamikazi. Meanwhile, Constantine decides to ignore Kamikazi’s over elaborate methods of capture, and simply kidnaps Lola, knowing Tommy (and Robotboy) will come looking for his ‘girlfriend’. Constantine’s plan works a treat and it’s not long before Tommy and Robotboy join Lola in Dr Kamikazi’s lair. With hope running out, summoning Gus with Moshimo’s ring is the only option Tommy has left! Will Gus be able to save the day…or will he stay at home eating popsicles…

29 Cleaning Day When Tommy goes to the beach instead of tidying his room, his mum flips out and gives away all his toys to an orphanage, including Robotboy! Tommy sets off to find Robotboy, along with Gus and Bellyman! Donnie is sent by his Mother to bring Tommy home using whatever method necessary! Inside the orphanage, Robotboy ends up befriending a somewhat nerdy orphan named Booker who is the subject of the orphan bullies! With Robotboy unable to super-activate, it looks as though Booker and Tommy are both going to get their heads flushed down the toilet! That’s until Donnie arrives on the scene, and puts on a show that would make Robotboy proud!

30 Robot Girl When Professor Moshimo creates a Robotgirl as a companion for Robotboy, their mischievous adventures end up getting them in big trouble! When the robot duo disobeys Moshimo’s instructions not to leave the house, Dr Kamikazi’s bat clones quickly take them captive. Not heeding Moshimo’s advice, Tommy heads for the rescue, but ends up getting trapped in a ‘room of doom’ with both robots and Constantine! As the walls move closer and closer towards crushing everyone, Robotboy has to teach Robotgirl the art of super activation, as he can’t stop the walls closing in on his own! With everyone’s lives in her hands, Robotgirl has to learn quickly!

31 Something About Stevie Dr Kamikazi creates a huge boar clone called Stevie to help him capture Robotboy. When the boar turns out to be too soft, Kamikazi orders Constantine to get rid of him. However Constantine accidentally exposes Stevie to toxic waste and suddenly Stevie turns into the hideous monster that Kamikazi had hoped! Unfortunately for Kamikazi, Stevie has not forgotten his bad treatment and is now intent on destroying everything and everyone…evil doctors included!

32 A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses Much to his annoyance, Dr Kamikazi loses out again at the annual Evil Genius awards, once again, to super villain General Yakitori! When Constantine stands up for his beleaguered boss, the rest of the audience mock and jeer Kamikazi. Eventually it is decided the only way to conclusively prove who is the best evil genius, is to see who can capture Robotboy! Kamikazi builds a super – mech robot to try and outdo Yakitori and the two head off in search of an unsuspecting Robotboy…!

33 The Homecoming Dr Kamikazi disguises himself as Moshimo and convinces Tommy that Kamikazi is dead and that Robotboy must return home! After a few sad goodbyes’ Tommy switches stubborn Robotboy’s computer off to ensure he is now under the command of Moshimo. It doesn’t take Tommy long to realise that he has been duped and he sets off with the real Moshimo, Lola and Gus to try and save Robotboy! A confused Robotboy must now decide whether to overthrow every capital city in the world or to save Tommy and friends from an evil hoard of Gorilla clones!

34 Crying Time When Robotboy sees Tommy crying he too wants to be able to cry in order to become more like a real boy. Kamikazi sees this as a good opportunity to capture Robotboy, as ‘”crying” would use up Robotboy’s oil and thereby incapacitate him, so he invites Tommy and Gus to see a sad play. Whilst Tommy and Gus are bored to tears, Robotboy sheds tears as he relates to the story. When all his oil dries up, Kamikazi steals Robotboy and reprograms him to serve his evil needs! Robotboy and Kamikazi’s ant clones try to finish Tommy once and for all, whilst Gus hides in Kamikazi’s fridge!

35 Runaway Robot Bjorn Bjornsson (one-time Moshimo protégé) witnesses Robotboy’s urge to become a real boy and advertises his services to turn robots into humans. Robotboy is confused, as Moshimo has told him no robot can become a real boy, but still he ventures off to investigate. On arrival, Bjorn preps Robotboy for the operation that will turn him into a boy called Bobby! When Moshimo and Tommy arrive, not only have they got to rescue Robotboy from Bjorn and his fearsome robot, Brother Bjorn, but they must also convince Robotboy that Bjorn is lying! A battle of power and trust ensues, the only question is, who will prevail!!?

36 Robot Love When the ultimate robot fighting championship, known as Robocon, comes to town, everyone is excited, except Tommy who refuses Robotboy permission to attend! Mona Lethal is the most fancied robot, both for the fighting title and for the attention of the male robots! When Tommy leaves Robotboy ‘in the care of’ Gus, it is only a matter of time before Robotboy is encouraged to enter the competition! Gus convinces Robotboy that Mona Lethal will be in awe of his fighting prowess should he enter. As expected, Robotboy makes light work of the other robots and cruises to the final, where he faces a surprise showdown with the beautiful Mona Lethal! Robotboy now faces the awkward test, of over coming the most powerful robot in the competition, and his newly found feelings of love!

37 Shelf-Life Lola’s rich acquaintance, Princess Justine, tries to buy Robotboy from Tommy. Tommy refuses, taking Robotboy home to receive a new upgrade from Moshimo. Meanwhile, Princess Justine pays Donnie to steal Robotboy. When Tommy arises in the morning to find Robotboy missing he is shocked! However, Moshimo is even more worried as the upgrade didn’t complete and the shortfall could make Robotboy exceptionally violent! Moshimo and Tommy set off to Princess Justine’s palace to try and rescue Robotboy…

38 The Manchurian Robot When Lola’s ambassador dad hosts an important diplomatic meeting, government agents (including Kurt’s father) are hired in for security. Tommy, Gus and Lola are asked to perform a native dance to make the foreign ambassador feel at home, while Kurt’s father is intent on proving to his bosses that Robotboy exists. As the day wears on Kurt’s father captures Robotboy and tampers with him so he will attack whenever he hears a certain phrase! His plan is that Robotboy will be forced to attack the ambassador in front of his bosses! Unfortunately things go awry and the ambassador turns out to be a double-crossing secret agent who steals Lola and makes off with her! It’s now down to Robotboy to save the day!

39 Teasebots When Dr Kamikazi sees Robotboy lose his temper, he creates an army Teasebots to torment Robotboy to the point of despair. As the insults rein in, Robotboy destroys so many Teasebots that his batteries run flat, allowing Kamikazi to easily steal him. Tommy and Gus decide to reprogram the last remaining Teasebot and head to Kamikazi’s lair to recapture Robotboy. Inside the lair, Kamikazi and Constantine are continuing a feud about the future of Kamikazi’s pet gerbil. When the evil doctor decides to create a huge Gerbil-clone, everything starts to look even more perilous for Robotboy!

40 Time Transmission Kamikazi sends messages from the future via Robotboy, to warn that in 100 years the world will be over-run by a mad robot…none other than Robotboy himself!! Naturally, Tommy isn’t aware of Kamikazi’s medalling and he and Robotboy fear for the worse when the futuristic messenger warns that they are sending a prototype back in time to destroy Robotboy. When the final futuristic message warns Tommy that Dr Kamikazi is the only person alive who has the ability to protect Robotboy, Tommy shows his love and loyalty for his metallic companion and takes him to Kaziland for protection…and right into Kamikazi’s fiendish trap!

41 Double Tommy Kamikazi performs microsurgery on an evil super agent, turning him into a clone of Tommy! Kamikazi kidnaps the real Tommy and sets the evil agent an assignment to capture Robotboy! However, the agent gets used to his new pampered life as ‘Tommy’ and is reluctant to continue following Kamikazi’s orders! Kamikazi is forced to call in his Chameleon clones to lay down the law to the agent and, of course, to help capture Robotboy!

42 Roughing It Robotboy drops Tommy, Gus and Lola in the woods, during a battle with Kamikazi. On landing in the wilderness, Gus decides he has all the acumen of a fearsome hunter and general outdoorsman. When Robotboy rejoins the group, they discover that his batteries are too low for activation and therefore cannot fly them to safety. Meanwhile Kamikazi and Constantine are also stranded in the woodland! However, rather than worry about his safety, the evil doctor is busy turning the local wildlife into Robotboy hunters! When the kids and a fully uncharged Robotboy bump into Kamikazi and his creations, there seems like no escape, until the master outdoorsman steps in…!

43 Robotman Professor Moshimo creates an ultra powerful adult version of Robotboy, and names him Robotman! Robotman is soon sent to live with Tommy to help him avoid unwanted evil attention! Tommy and friends are amazed with Robotman's ultra strength and super powers, and Robotboy soon becomes neglected. However, it quickly transpires that Robotman possess all the qualities of an ultra annoying adult! When Gus grumbles that Robotboy never gave them this much grief, the kids suddenly realise that they have forgotten all about poor Robotboy! On the way to find Robotboy, Tommy, Gus and Lola fall from the sky, but Robotman sees Tommy as his only priority. Fortunately Robotboy comes to the rescue for Gus and Lola, and the battle for Tommy’s friendship begins…!

44 Kindergarten Kaos When Tommy and Gus have to attend kindergarten to act as ‘book-buddies’, Kamikazi sees it as a perfect opportunity to capture Robotboy. Kamikazi decides to clone the kindergarten kid who has chosen Tommy to be her ‘book-buddy’. When Tommy isn’t paying attention the evil clone takes Robotboy from Tommy’s rucksack! Tommy and Gus desperately try to get Robotboy back from the hideous young child clone, but Robotboy seems to be oblivious! When Robotboy’s batteries finally die, the evil clone has her best chance to capture Robotboy! If one clone and a deactivated Robotboy isn’t enough to worry about, when Tommy and Gus see an entire cloned classroom of little brats, they soon realise that they’re in a whole world of trouble…!

45 Feline Frenzy Kamikazi hatches an evil plan to capture all of Bay Area’s cats and turn them into a Sabre-toothed army! Mass hysteria breaks out and the people of Bay Area are convinced that alien robots are stealing all the cats and seek revenge on anything robotic! Robotboy is now threatened from the general public as well as Kamikazi’s army of sabre-toothed cats, but he and the kids are more concerned about rescuing Lola’s cat!

46 Tether Tommy Dwight sees some sporting potential in Tommy and enters him into a Tetherball competition. With a little help from Robotboy, Tommy triumphs, impressing Dwight and more importantly…Bambi! It’s not long before Dwight has quit his job to become Tommy’s full time coach and a reluctant Tommy is sent to compete in the Grand Nationals. When Bambi phones to express her love of winners, Tommy is forced to enlist more help from Robotboy. Kamikazi latches onto the Tetherball fever and decides he still has what it takes to compete at the highest Tetherball level. At the Grand Nationals, Tommy and Kamikazi cheat their way to the final, while Constantine oversees the hot-dog cart robots who are on a mission to capture Robotboy!

47 Bambi-Bot Kamikazi decides to exploit Tommy’s crush on Bambi, by creating a cunning Bambi clone! Tommy can’t believe his luck when Bambi suddenly starts expressing an interest in him and is soon out dating the robot clone while the real Bambi is enjoying a luxury holiday at Kazi World! As Tommy gets closer to Bambibot, he decides he must tell her about Robotboy if their relationship is to prosper! This is music to Bambibot’s ears and we soon start to see the evil girl-robot in action as she shows her true colours!

48 Kamispazi It’s Mothers Day in Bay Area and Tommy is desperately searching for the perfect gift for Debs. Kamikazi latches onto Tommy’s lack of financial clout and delivers a voucher for a free trip to a ladies spa through Tommy’s letterbox! Hailing his good fortune Tommy sends his mother off for the trip of a lifetime, whilst Kamikazi dresses Constantine in a rubber ‘Debs’ suit complete with voice chip! While the real debs soaks up facials, massages and pedicures, Constantine is sent to the Turnbull house to capture Robotboy!

49 The Consultant Perplexed as to why he constantly fails to capture Robotboy, Kamikazi employs a criminal consultant to offer advice. The consultant soon establishes that the problem lies with Kamikazi’s underperforming staff, and accordingly, Constantine is given his marching orders! Back in the Bay Area, Tommy is enthusing about the new Human Fist Pavement Pounder action figure, but they are all sold out. Kamikazi creates his own pavement pounder and sends it to Tommy, who spends all his time with the toy, neglecting Robotboy. By the time Kamikazi's dragons enter Tommy’s house, Robotboy is long gone (as he felt unwanted) so the evil doctor is forced to take Tommy as hostage.

50 The Soothsayer Moshimo gives Robotboy the power to predict the future and Gus decides to use it for his own selfish motives! When confronted by Kamikazi, Gus challenges him to a game of paper-scissors-stone. As Robotboy successfully predicts Kamikazi’s move, Gus triumphs and takes ownership of Kaziland. However Kamikazi sneakily asks Robotboy to predict his next move…, which unfortunately ends in capture for Robotboy! With Robotboy and his powers now in Kamikazi’s evil hands, he is able to predict Tommy and Moshimo’s rescue plans! How will they get Robotboy back from Kamikazi’s clutches and his evil Panda ninjas! Only Gus has the answer…!

51 Party out of Bounds It’s Donnie’s birthday and sensing that it might be a good opportunity to capture Robotboy, Dr Kamikazi, Bjorn Bjornsson and Kurt’s father all decide to invite themselves! Gus also insists that he and Tommy attend, despite the threat of a beating from Donnie! With Kamikazi posing as a DJ, Kurt’s Father as a party clown and Brother Bjorn as a pretty girl, Robotboy is under more threat than he could possibly imagine! When DJ Kamikazi spins a heavy hypnotic tune, all Donnie’s guests turn into Zombies and the three-way battle for Robotboy gets underway!

52 Tummy Trouble Kamikazi plants a super intelligent tapeworm inside Gus’s stomach, with the intention of eventual mind control and, of course, capturing Robotboy. When a doctor’s x-ray reveals that the now ultra slim Gus has a Tapeworm inside him, he immediately feels maternal towards it and begins to eat for two! Of course it’s only a matter of time before the worm takes over Gus’s simple mind and urges him to take Robotboy to Kamikazi, which he duly does. When Tommy and Gus realise what’s happened they activate Robotboy in the hope that he can still escape. This forces Kamikazi to unleash his anaconda clones, which threaten to consume Robotboy and the kids. With all hope seemingly lost, Walter the tape-worm decides to help his host and leaps from Gus’s mouth into the giant snake clone, where he helps turn the focus of the beast onto destroying Kamikazi!

By the way, I've been also able to find Series 2 (season 3 and 4)'s original order (which was harder to find), but I will talk about it in a later blog, since this one's too long....

- Ofirgol109/Atomikku123

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