Hello everybody,

It’s been a very, VERY long time since I last visited this site, probably because there aren’t any new major discoveries about Robotboy anymore... But don’t worry, I still LOVE Robotboy (and no, not Undertale’s Level Of ViolencE)...

Now to the main topic, I’ve finally opened a blog on Tumblr, it will replace both my DeviantArt account and Robotboy no Kokoro, my attempt at making a Robotboy-based blog, here’s the link for my new blog:

By the way, what do you think of the header image? It was inspired by Sonic CD fanart XD

Anyways, I’d still like to be part of this Wiki, but there isn’t any new drive for me to so, no new major discoveries, however I got character profiles from the Hebrew dub’s (now nonexistent) minisite, which was archived fortunately in Wayback Machine... Hopefully, I’ll continue contributing to the Robotboy fandom, it sure does deserve it...

- Ofirgol109/TetsuwanAtomikku

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