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  • Wikirentix

    Hello fellow users, as the title suggest there are some very important news I should inform you about my project;

    So first of all I know what your first question is; "Is the project finished yet? If not then why is it taking such a long time?" Well here's some of the reasons why;

    1. No it is not finished and unfortunately it will not even be finished this year's summer either.

    2. Long story short, I had a few personal issues to be resolved (which also affected the working process time)

    3. The beginning of the year had been very slow to work on the project.

    I think you get the idea, but I also want to express my forgiveness to all my fellow users both on Wikia and on YouTube that the project couldn't be finished before last years Christmas or ev…

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  • Wikirentix

    Hi everybody Wikirentix here,

    I've just come up with a creative idea that could make the episode pages a bit more interesting to include, how about a list of what their international titles are called in different countries? That's why I'm asking if you find it something nice or redundant, what do you think?


    English: War and Pieces

    French: Pris au Piège

    Swedish: Krig och Delar

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  • Wikirentix

    Hi everybody, Wikirentix here. I have some very important news to announce about my upcoming project, however as much to dismay I'm affraid that I have some bad news but fear not I have good news to announce as well.

    So lets start with the bad news:

    The bad news is that I'm affraid that my project won't be able to get finished before this years Christmas and I'll tell you the reasons why. If I got to be clear this project is perhaps the most ambitious Robotboy-related project I ever had to work with, I've drawn a lot and I do mean quite a lot of drawings and pictures of Robotboy and his friends. Animation is indeed a lot of work, but of course I know what I said that this presentation won't be exactly "fully-animated" and it's still going to…

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  • Wikirentix

    I recently got the urge to find at least a better and higher quality of this mysterious rejected character from Robotboy. If you don't know what talking about I'll write a few info's and you can take look at this picture I took from an old promo (I know the quality stinks but it's the best I could ever find.)

    I know I've seen this character before, even before that promo. I saw this female character appearing on a special paper sheet that actually could be found on CN France web through the Robotboy Page. I wish I still had it but alas I don't. About this paper sheet, you could also see the other main characters of Robotboy including the rejected character.

    Of course almost no details are shown for who this character was supposed to be, Okay…

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  • Wikirentix

    The Robotboy Fan Ficiton Project: What is it? Well it will be a fan-ficitonal episode of Robotboy where it takes place after the events of The Return of Robotgirl. After I got inspired from a Fan-Made Steven Universe episode (which was awesome btw) I decided to create my own Robotboy episode. The presentation will be in majority Black and White but not fully animated as it will be presented in a Storyboard based view. Why? Because I really wish to share this presentation as fast as possible to all the RB fans out there including me wishing for more episodes since at least from my point of view the show was never finished. This will only be a one episode presentation only, no more. And I'm working really hard as I can to finish it up hopefu…

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