Hi guys Wikirentix here;

A few weeks ago I was starting to imagine and perhaps being interested in making my very own Robotboy episode.

So how far have I gotten? Not much, I don't have a script of my fan-fiction idea yet but I do so have a story idea.

How will you present it? I think first when I have a script I might wanna make an animatic presentation of it.

What type of animation would you use? No it's not going to be fully animated as it would take way too much time, I was thinking in making it as a more "Storyboarded" setup. I got inspired by a Steven Universe "Fan-Made" episode that used the technique of "Storyboard" telling. Yes it will be in majority Black and White but that doesn't matter to me since I really wish to share this presentation to all of the fans of Robotboy as soon as possible.

How long will this presentation be? Don't have the exact time-decision but probably from 9 to 11 minutes.

Will it be available on YouTube? For sure and don't forget to share to all the Robotboy Fans.

If you're really interested of my idea I wish to see some people voting on this link if you're really into it:

See ya, Wikirentix.

UPDATE 2016-08-03; Writing of the fan-fiction has officially started, it's not yet finished but I'll give you a quick info what it's going to be about: It is going to take place directly after the events of "The Return of Robotgirl" where Moshimo asks kindly RB, RG and the gang to save his wife Miumiu and toghether they setup to rescue her only to be prepared for a battle. I will further work with this on my work-place, where I get the chance to make it.

UPDATE 2016-08-08; The script is finished and now i'm onto drawing backgrounds and characters.

UPDATE 2016-08-09; Don't worry, everything's in control with the project just a heads up. So far I've only done one background with a quick scene where TRORG ended. But for the sake of patience, I beg of you nicely to be as patience you can be because this will probably not be finished until hopefully before this year's Christmas (which is my goal). Remember animation take's a lot of time, but since it's not going to be "fully animated" then hopefully it goes much faster. Thank you and I'll see you again sometime. P.S. When I'm halfway of the project I might give you a sneak peak ;)

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