Hi everybody, Wikirentix here. I have some very important news to announce about my upcoming project, however as much to dismay I'm affraid that I have some bad news but fear not I have good news to announce as well.

So lets start with the bad news:

The bad news is that I'm affraid that my project won't be able to get finished before this years Christmas and I'll tell you the reasons why. If I got to be clear this project is perhaps the most ambitious Robotboy-related project I ever had to work with, I've drawn a lot and I do mean quite a lot of drawings and pictures of Robotboy and his friends. Animation is indeed a lot of work, but of course I know what I said that this presentation won't be exactly "fully-animated" and it's still going to be presented in the "Storyboard" way as you might have seen one of the Sneak Peeks. And admittedly this is probably the very first time of my life I do something like this after many years of making RB Fan-Made videos and other stuffs. When I planned on making my project I had no idea that it would take this long time to accomplish my project, unfortunately it is still not yet finished as what I thought it would. Plus most part of my project is done at my Work-place where we can make our own ideas and projects and the staffs are very nice and understands us workers when we come up with ideas at their place.

Now please don't get me wrong, doing my very own Robotboy episode is really like a dream come true and everyday I'm I exited to know when my presentation will be finished. But the truth is, it is a lot of work and there were moments where I could feel a bit stressed or rushed. No it didn't happen anything harsh like arguments or fights or anything but I realized that I need to do other things as well so the whole animation production doesn't need to affect my health/entire timeline for days to come. So that being said I'm very sorry to announce you guys that my project will officialy have a delay on it's production times and I will announce you guys it's official release date when it's officially done.

Now for the good news:

The good news is that the project is fine, it's not screwed or cancelled but it will be done much slower for the moment. OK not that slow by any means, but I might have the urge to create other types of projects to Youtube or anywhere else at my Workplace. I'm still working on it but to avoid stress and rushes then I need to calm down my production time of my project. And when I get Winter-break from work I'll see when I get my times to draw more scenes. Plus this could also give me even more time to make my project look as good as I want it to look, without rush hours ruining it for me.

I hope you understood these messages, again I'm very sorry but I promise you it will happen just be patient dear RB-fans. Kind regards, Wikirentix.