Hello fellow users, as the title suggest there are some very important news I should inform you about my project;

So first of all I know what your first question is; "Is the project finished yet? If not then why is it taking such a long time?" Well here's some of the reasons why;

1. No it is not finished and unfortunately it will not even be finished this year's summer either.

2. Long story short, I had a few personal issues to be resolved (which also affected the working process time)

3. The beginning of the year had been very slow to work on the project.

I think you get the idea, but I also want to express my forgiveness to all my fellow users both on Wikia and on YouTube that the project couldn't be finished before last years Christmas or even after Christmas. You may have already heard this before but it is true animation takes a lot of time especially when you're the only person to draw all the scenes now I haven't forgotten of course some support from Ofir Goldshtain as well who's helping with the music which is also in progress. And when I thought about this idea I wasn't expecting that it would take this long to create this ambitious work, and the thing is that I want my project to stay true to the roots of the show and having at least a decent presentation as possible.

Now I want this to be clear and stated to all of you reading this; The project is definitely not I repeat NOT Cancelled, Ignored nor Screwed or went Snafu. I got Backup files in case both on my work-computer and home-laptop. As you're reading this yes it is still in progress and now things are much balanced than ever but there are still so many scenes left to be drawn and animated. Right now I'm on the most promising part of the project where action is about to happen and this might take a long while to finish.

The storyboard style is still intact and it will not be fully animated as I already said it so many times now. And also I'm afraid that I don't have the estimated release date when the project arrives. Again I'm so sorry for the irritating delay we people hate and even I am very exited to know what you guys think when it's finished. But it is also a personal goal not only to give you guys a fan-fictional treat but as a message to the series original creator Jan Van Rijsselberge and Cartoon Network to hopefully produce new episodes of our favorite robot. If it weren't for Robotboy maybe I wouldn't be here right now creating awesome videos and know a bit of Video editing.

I hope you guys understood these messages, If you want to help and contribute let me know in the comments if you're interested and I'll see you guys next time. Kind regards Wikirentix.

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