Waitress Lady (Jackie)

Waitress lady

First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voiced by
Real Name
Jackie (probably Jack)
Male (pretends to be a Female)
A man dressed lika a woman to recieve bigger tips as waitress lady

Waitress Lady or Jackie (His real name is probaly Jack) was a waitress lady at a Greek dinnerbar under a highway. Robotboy mistook her for his mother because she had the same hairstyle as his head.


She worked as a waitress at a Greek dinnerbar were Tommy Turnbull, Donnie Turnbull and Dwight Turnbull were having lunch. She placed a smiley face on the bill to let them know she was happy that they visited the place and wanted a big tip. When Robotboy sees her he thinks that she is his mother.

Robotboy stays at the dinner and confronts her. At first she is in panic, but when Robotboy grabs some thieves, who were trying to espace the dinnerbar without paying, for her she quickly became interested in Robotboy to use him for her own benefits.

She manipulates Robotboy by letting him believe that she is his mother and that she wants to put him in when he goes to sleep. In a return for this, she let him do some chores.

She let him steal the satellite dish from the retirement home so she could watch television. She let him also break the ATM in the city so she could steal the money. She goes to far when she use robotboy to rob a juwelery with her.

When the police finds her she wants Robotboy to protect him in order to prevent being imprisonment. So he Superactived to attack the police. But just before he was going to fight, Tommy walks in and stops him. He tries to convince Robotboy that the waitress lady is not his mom. But he doesn't believe Tommy and the waitress lady recommends to leave her house. Tommy refuses and throws her in to the bathtub. When she climbs out of the bathtub her wig falls of and it is revealed that she isn't a woman, but a man who dresses like a woman to recieve bigger tips at the dinner.

He holds Tommy in a stranglehold and wants to keep him as a hostage so that he can escape and in order to Ensure that Robotboy doesn't attack him for being angry that he pretended to be his mom. But he slips out on a piece of soap and falls again in the baththub. He loses his grip on Tommy, and Tommy and Robotboy escape while the waitress lady is arrested by the police.

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