Waitress Lady (Jackie)

Waitress lady

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Voiced by
Jackie (real name is probably Jack)
Male (pretends to be female as a con)
A man dressed like a woman to receive bigger tips as waitress

Waitress Lady or Jackie (His real name is most likely Jack) was a thief/conman who dressed up as a waitress to get better tips when he was employed at a Greek diner located underneath a highway. At first glance at him in this disguise, Robotboy mistook Jack for his mother because his wig was styled similarly to Ro's ears.


Jack worked under the guise of "Jackie", a waitress at a Greek diner that Tommy Turnbull, Donnie Turnbull and Dwight Turnbull had visited for lunch. "Jackie" placed a smiley face on the bill to let them know she was happy that they visited the place and wanted a big tip. When Robotboy sees her he thinks that she is his mother.

When the Turnbulls leave, Robotboy had remianed behind to confront her. At first she panics, but when Robotboy grabs some thieves who were trying to espace the diner without paying their bill, she quickly becomes interested in Robotboy and plots to use him for her own benefits.

Jackie then puts on the ruse of being Ro's mother, manipulating him into believing that she is his mother  and that she just didn't recognize him at first because he had "gotten so big!". She then tells him that they're going to have lots of fun now that they're together again, making Ro ecstatic and leap into the air with an exclamation of glee. In return for letting him stay with her in her dump of a trailer, Jackie has Ro do some chores for her; chores like filing off her bunions and stealing a satellite dish from a neighboring senior citizen's home just so she could have good TV.

Later on, they went to the city so Jackie could withdraw some cash from an ATM, but she had forgotten her pin number. She then guilts Ro into breaking into the ATM so she could steal the money. She then has Ro rob a jewelry store and an electronics store (amongst others), to which Ro wonders why they don't pay. Jackie brushes it off, saying that they'll just send them a check, an obvious lie. 

At last, when the police finds Jackie (via the tracking device planted in the collar of the dog that had traveled home with them on one of their robberies), she wants Robotboy to protect her in order to prevent being imprisoned again. At the threat of losing his "mother", Ro Superactived to attack the police. But just before he was going to fight, Tommy (who had went back to the diner after discovering that Ro was missing) walks in to see Jackie admiring one of Ro's weapons. Upon hearing Tommy's voice, Ro returns to normal mode and happily tells him that he had found his mommy. Tommy is no fool, though, and tries to convince his little budy that the waitress is not his mom. But Jackie kisses and hugs Robotboy, telling him that she loves him, but doesn't like Tommy, demanding him to leave her trailer. Tommy refuses, however, which forces Jackie to order Ro to "get this trash out of here." Ro is heavily conflicted about choosing between his mother and best friend. Eventually, he sides with Jackie, much to Tommy's disbelief. Jackie then advances on Tommy, telling him that he knows the way out of her trailer, but Tommy takes this as a chance to shove her in to the hottub Jackie had also stolen. Ro cries out for her and when Jackie climbs out of the bathtub, her wig falls off, reveaing to Ro and Tommy hat she wasn't even a woman to begin with.

Thinking quickly after his deception was found out, Jack grabs a hold of Tommy in a stranglehold, planning to keep him as a hostage so that he can escape and in ensure that Robotboy wouldn't attack him out of anger of being duped into believing Jack was his mom. But on his way out, Jack slips out on a piece of soap and falls into the hottub, again. He loses his grip on Tommy in the process, but Ro catches him. The two then escape while Jack is apprehended by the police.