"Wunderpark" is the 61st episode of the series and the 5th(a) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode, Tommy and the gang gets invited to a new park called "Wunderpark". Unfortunately, it is being controlled by Klaus Von Affenkugel in order to get Robotboy.



  • Robotboy: (*when he sees Affenkugel and Ludwig in mascot costumes and jumps in between them and Lola): ''Robotboy protect Lola from ugly monsters.'' Lola: *giggles* ''They're not monsters, Robotboy. They're part of the park. You hug them and take pictures with them''.


  • This episode confirms that Pinocchio is Robotboy's favorite fairy-tale since he can relate to the titular character and wants to be real like him.
  • Robotboy shows his over-protectiveness of Lola by jumping in front of her to defend her from the "ugly monsters", which were Ludwig and Affenkugel in their mascot costumes.
  • Usually Tommy and Lola can see through disguises, so it's weird how they didn't see Ludwig in his tree costume, with his long arms being dead giveaways.
  • Goof: Just before Gus gets stars in his eyes after hearing about Wunderpark on the radio, his hair turns black for less than a second.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Wunderpark Wunderpark
French Parc et attrape Park and catch
German Park der Wunder Park of Miracles
Spanish Wunderpark Wunderpark


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